Ghana may not need foreign aid if we manage corruption – Martin Amidu


Nominee for the Office of the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu believes the one of the surest ways to reduce corruption and become a self-reliant country is to block leakages and slippages at public institutions.

According to him building a strong public institution coupled with curbing corrupt practices at these places will breed a credible institution.

Appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday in Accra, for his vetting, he stated that; “I want to be able to set up a credible institution with a credible culture. If I am able to do that to prevent slippage and leakages, we won’t need foreign aid”.

He further explained that the amount of leakages at the port alone, if it is blocked will go a long way to help the country become self-reliant in terms of using its own resources to develop the economy.

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