The big tech innovation for easy customer access, star phone app is now here


It’s finally here! The much awaited All-in One Mobile App for direct interaction with your bank, telecom, emergency services, religious groupings and other service providers is now in Ghana.

You can now access or contact any organisation either via call, messaging, email or any of their social media platforms from one interface called the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Industry experts are judging this as the greatest tech innovation for creating convenience in this day of multiple platform connections between businesses and customers.

No memorising of contacts for your service provider, nor searching for their contacts on Google, you simply reach them by one click from your STARPHONE platform or via a short code.

Simply download the STARPHONE App from your Google play store or Apple App store and connect with all your service providers instantly.

Headquartered in the US, One Smart Star International has been providing this amazing service since 2005 and is currently active in 79 countries – supporting over 45 languages.

Big international clients signed up include: VISA, MasterCard, IBM, Microsoft HSBC, CITI, AIG, Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, Hilton, DHL, America Express, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, etc.

Explaining   STAR PHONE

Star Phone/One Smart Star (OSS) is a quick and easy way for customers to contact an organisation using a three or four-digit code preceded by a star (*). The technology and user Interface are patent-protected.

Through the Star Phone, customers get access to all the multiple communication channels of the organization – i.e. voice phone, website, email, social media platforms, SMS, location navigation, Fax etc. on one interface/platform.

Being location-specific, the App automatically populates all the available services providers within your jurisdiction for direct interaction.

 Star Phone GHANA Features

One Smart Star (OSS) Ghana Ltd. is a franchise affiliate of One Smart Star International. On the Star Phone GH homepage, you get to see top service providers such as the Banks, Telecoms, Media Houses, Security Services, Medical Facilities, Restaurants etc.

You can browse by industry: for example, under banks you get to see all the commercial banks such Barclays Bank, GN Bank, ADB etc. Other key categories include Emergencies, Transportations, Commerce and many more

Emergencies and the Security Services

Star Phone and One Smart Star International have a global strategic partnership with the Police Service in all countries of operation. Thus, the Police service IVR or interface on Star Phone and contacts are given high priority on the home page of the Star Phone app. Besides, in emergency situations, the app is saving lives through its emergency ‘panic’ response buttons.

There are two things when you find yourself in an emergency situation: First you can be frightened so much that you may not remember the correct number to call: is it 191 or 192?  By simply tapping the Star phone icon on your phone, you choose which emergency service you want and automatically place a call.

In other instances, you are able to place the call but can’t talk because you are afraid you will be found out. With this App’s automatic call placing, your current location can be tracked by the police or ambulance personal for prompt assistance.

Company Advantages

At the point of enrollment, companies get to choose their own template for their interface. You are also given a simple to remember 3 or 4-digit number which all phone users can dial and access your interface.  For example, MTN on the STAR PHONE is given *686 – which is an ‘open sesame’ for MTN Ghana. It is important to note that the assigned numbers are not short codes regulated by NCA.

From here, customers can choose how to contact you. Either by pressing a button to call the contact centre or via FB Messenger, WhatsApp or even email, you directly go from here. Your company’s mobile App can also be integrated. This service is known to have increased customer access for the very big organisations around the world.

There is also a section dedicated on your interface for Ad placement while customers connect with you.

How do companies come onboard?

To get onboard simply download the STAR PHONE App and contact an executive to sign up.  You get your interface designed in 48 hours – then bingo! you are on board. You then encourage your customers to download the App for easy access to you.

Service Charges: Star Phone charges are monthly service charge based on the short code number categories available – i.e. VIP, Platinum, Gold and Silver. The charges are moderate fees with options for annual and specified number of years agreements.

However, from January 2018, One Smart Star Ghana is running a promotion for all organisations and individuals to sign onto the Star Phone services free for a period of 2 months.

Small Business Opportunities

This service brings with it a big opportunity for SMEs. With STAR PHONE you can have a mobile App for your startup, salon, barbering shop, corner shop or even just an idea.

Simply connect your potential clients on your STAR PHONE interface – just as the likes of GCB, JOY FM and MTN can do. It provides some sort of level playing ground for you to also give easy connections for customers, and space to showcase your products and service.

Managing your various online platforms is also made easy with STAR PHONE. From one place you can manage your main business line, Facebook page, twitter account, website etc.

Individual Advantages

As an individual you can also have a mobile App for yourself now or your small initiative. You can manage all your online accounts here. Connect your phone contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at one place. You can also set up your favorites using the Star Phone App for easier access to frequently-dialled numbers on contacts.

This is the next big thing – don’t be left out!  Simply visit Google play store, the App store and type Star phone and download the FREE App to get started today!  For enquiries visit or call 233 302 220 107

The Star Phone App: Downloadable @ Play Store and App Store

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