Designers’ checklist to maximize media coverage


Securing a feature in the media is an important goal to attain. While this could be an achievement, many designers forget that gaining press attention, precisely positive stories can support your brand growth when strategically prepared for.

There are points to note in order to properly prepare in the event that your PR efforts play out well and your product gets featured and triggers all the good things such as increased in enquiries of your product, more clicks on your website, increase in sales amongst others.

Make sure you have available pieces

I have had an instance where a designer I once worked with to secure a placement have had to lose out on several sales opportunities because she did not have the specific dress which had been featured. So it is advisable to have a good inventory of pieces readily available before the feature even it means having them in different colors as a way of options that way you can cash in on these opportunities when they bring themselves.

Encourage your employees to share

Employees are ambassadors of any company. When well informed about a company and its operations, they can well serve as good ambassadors. With a major hit in the media for your brand, share the news internally with your team and employees so they can also share with their network. If your employees support in amplifying it on social media, you will be able to maximize the coverage.

Keep your social media accounts active

Social Media continues to play a very significant role for many fashion brands. It could serve as an amplifying platform to reach a wider audience. Make sure that once you secure that media feature, you share them across your social media platforms. Share the links or image of the feature and leverage on that to get more reach.

Keeptrack of your new clients

Once you begin to hit that point where people are asking for the product that has been featured, you should be able to capture their contact. The reality is that, not all of them will buy immediately. Some may buy immediately and some may do that later. It is advisable to still take the contact details of those who enquire but are unable to purchase immediately as you can follow up with them at a later date. Also for those who may want specifics but you are unable to offer them.

Tap into your client list

Once your article goes live, you could share the good news with your clientele. These are people who have been with your brand and have been following your journey all this while.If they’re proud enough to be associated with your brand after a big feature, some may take it upon themselves to share the good news as well among their personal networks.

The bottom line is that, when a positive piece of press gets published, the kind of activities you undertake could make all the difference in simply getting a media hit and turning them into a remarkable funnel to generate sales. Promote and circulate them to as many people as you can.


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