Tema Shipyard acquires modern equipment to boost operations


The Tema Shipyard has taken delivery of a state of the art 45tons mobile crane as well as two cherry pickers as part of GPHA’s plans to help revive the dilapidated dry dock company to enhance efficient and effective work delivery in the dry dock yard.

Captain Francis Kwesi Micah, CEO of Tema Shipyard, said the new machinery is very essential to augment the needed transformation of the shipyard.

“This three equipment have come in very expensive but at the same time they come at a critical time that we intend to improve upon our turnaround time of vessels in the yard, and also to increase the number of vessels that we work on. And for start and for the records, currently, with reference to today, we have been able to work on 33 ships which is a vast improvement of what we did last year”, he mentioned.

The CEO said the new machines would replace the outmoded ones thus facilitate turnaround time of vessels who dock at the shipyard for repair work.

“We have received a 45 tonner mobile crane state of the art, digital and complex in nature and two cherry pickers. Now the cranes would be very much important to augment facility of the 35 tons that we do have already in the yard. This is in response to a request we made to the GPHA to help us replace aged, dilapidated and old-fashioned cranes and facilities at the yard,” he elaborated.

Managers at the Tema Shipyard are optimistic the machines will improve efficiency.

“The cherry pickers would be used in sandblasting. It is a self-manipulated cherry picker so if the person is standing at the top, he would able to move it forward, move it up and down and then be able to do the sandblasting, hydro blasting or painting,” Engineer Otoo said.

The Human Resource Manager, Samuel Adjar said “the influence of GPHA itself with the Shipyard, being in the port enclave is more than sufficient to lift the yard and make it a very positive venture in the country.”

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