Dominick Andoh wins GJA’s “Best Financial Reporter” 2016

Dominick Andoh receiving his award

Business and Financial Times’ Dominick Andoh has won the coveted “Best Financial Reporter” at the 22nd Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards held at the State Banquet House on Wednesday.

The award was in recognition of his penchant to critically analyze financial data and present it in clear and simple terms that helps readers to make informed economic decisions.

Mr. Andoh, who is currently the Deputy Editor of the B&FT, has demonstrated his dexterity writing about various business-related topics, whether it about housing, power, aviation, pharmaceuticals, capital market, banking, and the business of politics.

His ability to bring his knowledge about a subject to bear, back it with data and not just rely on what he is told by public officials, set his work apart.

“This award is a testament to the good work we are doing at the B&FT. I am challenged by this to do more in the years ahead,” Mr. Andoh said.

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