Bitcoin hits US$18,000 valuable than gold, are you too late to invest in cryptocurrencies?


It has been a good ride with cryptocurrencies for the past months with Bitcoin beating and taking over some huge leap in terms of price.

That looks quite insane, but does it mean you are late for the Bitcoin party?

Certainly not, the price of Bitcoin now is no surprise at all. In fact, I am even expecting it to be more than $20,000 before the year ends. It will be worth to note that Bitcoin started this year with a little below $1,000. What you may be wondering is why it has grown in value. That is 10 times the price it began with this year. That makes you think it is possible for Bitcoin to be $100,000 by December, 2018. Well it is possible now that it is being considered as a store of value.

Let me take the time to enlighten you on why Bitcoin has grown in such magnitude. Cryptocurrencies are created with a limited supply. Unlike our cash that is printed without boundaries each and every time. Our cash is even printed to deal with weak notes in the system. That creates an endless supply and really diminishes the value of our currency through inflation. A typical example is Zimbabwe.  But Bitcoin is only limited to 21million units. Meaning, only 21 million Bitcoin are available to be used.  Having 21 million Bitcoins means if the value of a Bitcoin is $1 then the value of all the Bitcoins is $21million. But Cryptocurrencies doesn’t work that way. Instead 1 Bitcoin can be divided into 10million units. That is 1.00000000 i.e. 8 decimal places. Meaning you can buy a portion of it. That property alone makes it feasible to be used a currency for doing business. It doesn’t matter the value of Bitcoin now, you can still use it a portion of it for any transaction. Once there is cryptography that can divide Bitcoins it several units, it shouldn’t be a problem.

My beef is why you should buy a piece of cake when you can easily get the whole cake. Well, Bitcoins price surge shouldn’t scare you. There is more to Bitcoin than you are seeing now. We have over 1,300 cryptocurrencies and even though not all of them can survive 2 years, we have good use case cryptocurrencies you should look to invest now. I personally recommended Bitcoin to friends when it was $1700 back in April but they didn’t take the opportunity. Imagine the profit they would have made going into Christmas if they had seized that opportunity. With $10,000 in April, they could have bought almost 6 Bitcoins which would have been worth over $70,000.

You may be late to the Bitcoin party if you have less capital. I can help you start with the little you have. But for my friends who can easily afford to play it big, it is never too late for them. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripples, Litecoin, Neo, Dash, and Monero have all seen over 800% growth this year and still early days yet and there is an equal opportunity for growth in more areas. This is a multi-trillion industry.


My work as a portfolio manager and active trader is to give you a rich mix of good use case and futuristic cryptocurrencies that will generate wealth for you as an investor.

It is never too late, it is a big opportunity for you. There are other sleeping giant cryptocurrencies you can take advantage and build wealth. One big advantage you have is that, there are no government interference with your wealth.

Looking to start that journey? Feel free to get in touch. I would like to meet and have a coffee time whilst I help you build your maiden portfolio for you. Meet you at the top.

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