Energy Commission launches Certified Refrigerating App for consumers

Kofi Adu Agyarko (Ag. Director, Energy Efficiency & Climate Change, Energy Commission)

The Energy Commission has introduced a Certified Refrigerating App to help consumers identify energy efficient refrigerators and also help the commission eliminate sub-standard refrigerating appliances that are smuggled into the country.

Speaking at the launch, Acting Director for Energy Efficiency & Climate Change at the commission, Kofi Adu Agyarko said, “the importance of this App is that, it is going to make consumers very confident in the labelling regime. It builds consumer confidence and that is what we are seeking to achieve”.

The smartphone app, which was developed in-house by the IT department of the Energy Commission, has unique features that help the consumer to use the model number of the appliance to do a quick verification while at the shopping centre.

It also aids the commission to identify location of stores that stock inefficient and uncertified refrigerating appliances to aid in effective monitoring.

“The App will tell the consumer within a 10km to 14km radius, the list of shops that deal in energy efficient refrigerating appliances and is assisted by Google maps. Within the app, you have from 1 to 5 star rated appliances to help consumers choose what models and brand names are most suitable for their budget,” Mr. Agyarko added.

In the event that an appliance is uncertified, the app will return an error message when the model number is entered.
The App is presently available for all Android devices on the Google Playstore platform, with plans far advanced to extend it to iOS devices.

Mr. Agyarko said for 2017, the compliance rate of importers with regards to labelling stood at 98%, which was highly commendable, although the commission wants to ensure full compliance is achieved.

He commended the dealers and importers of refrigerating appliances for being largely compliant with regulations and urged them to patronise the App to enable the commission achieve its aim.

Kofi Adu Agyarko added that the full category of appliances in the app will be updated to include air conditioners and other items in due time.

“In the near future, all appliances that standards have been developed for, will be added to the App and the star ratings and models will be included,” he said.

Download the App here:

Kennedy Aryeetey Tetteh | | Ghana

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