Address causes of migration – AU to African countries


The African Union (AU) is calling on individual member states to take charge and act decisively to human trafficking and slave trade of their citizens by solving root causes of migration.

Acting Director of the AU Peace and Security Department, Dr. Admore Kambudzi said African governments must create conducive environment to discourage their citizens from seeking greener pastures abroad.

“If you want to solve this problem of trafficking, slavery you must go to the push factors. Let’s address the push factors in Africa. Why are the people leaving parts of Nigeria? Why are the people leaving parts of Mali? Why are the young people leaving parts of Somalia?” he questioned in an interview with Dr. Etse Sikanku on Class 91.3 FM’s World Affairs on Friday, December 1.

His comment comes in the wake of a video that shows African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya which has sparked a global outcry. It has come to light that hundreds of Black Africans are being auctioned in modern-day slave markets for $400 per person as Libya is the main transit hub for illegal immigrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe.

The footage published by CNN shows two men stand in the dark negotiating with an auctioneer to buy migrants.

For Dr Kambudzi, African countries must “create an environment that will attract our young people to realise their talents in Africa and not go and die in the Mediterranean.”

“We have all the resources here. Why would they want to leave Africa? The Chinese are coming here but our young people are running away from the continent. Why? Because the political leaders are not playing their role to create the environment that is attractive enough to keep our young people here,” he stated.

He admitted that African countries where Libyan migrants originate cannot absorb themselves of blame regarding the unfortunate situation in Libya.

Dr Kambudzi, who was not enthused about the development, blamed it partly on the overthrow and murder of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

“We allowed people outside Africa to come and destroy a country that was doing well. Libya used to pay the contributions for so many African countries to the AU. Now it can’t,” he stated.

Six years after the overthrow of Mr Gaddafi, Libya is still a failed state with heavy presence of militants and other violent groups perpetuating heinous crimes.

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