Daasebre challenges All Nations University to go beyond satellite launch glory


Chancellor of the All Nations University and Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional Area, Daasebre Prof. (Emeritus) Oti Boateng, has urged the university not to rest on the glory of the successful satellite launch.

He challenged engineering students of the university to exploit this pioneering feat to make Ghana the space engineering hub of Africa.

In line with that, he called on government to develop a new globally-competitive space engineering policy regime to utilise the benefits of space science for sustainable development in critical areas of Ghana’s resource management.

Daasebre Oti Boateng said this as part of his closing address to mark the 20th convocation of the All Nations University in Koforidua, where the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo Addo, joined the university as the special guest to honour the three- distinguished engineers who inspired the successful launch of Ghana’s first satellite into space.

The Chancellor noted that the incredible feat achieved by the All Nations University in this elite global scientific sector has made the university a monument of inspiration not only for the universities in Ghana but also for the whole of Africa to compete in the global space.

He, thus, urged government to sustain the current sense of history, enthusiasm and globally-competitive spirit inspired by the University to build an all-encompassing intellectual resource-base, to draw on what he calls “hyper-imaginative creative thinking,” to place Ghana as a new emerging global laboratory for creative research on sustainable development in Africa.

‘‘It is instructive for government to seize this great opportunity to redefine a globally competitive new human resource regime that would balance the reward culture in Ghana to fully recognise and appreciate technocratic ingenuity in providing pertinent solutions for national development. It is within such a well-crafted governance regime that we can develop the country beyond Aid,’’ he said.

Whilst commending the free SHS policy, he urged government to explore creative avenues to make all Ghanaians share-holders of the policy for funding to bridge the infrastructure and other essential gaps towards building a solid foundation of quality education for all Ghanaians.


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