The multi- passionate phenomenon


Multi-Passionate: a word that has become synonymous with “confusion”, “jack of all trades; master of none”. But the truth is Multi-Passionate is a human attribute with a definition. A few years ago, it was coined as a term to describe “An individual who excels at more than one interest and passion’. In the old school terminology, it would fit into the box of being “multi-talented”.

Over the years however, there have been experts who have distinguished the two. They have identified that “being multi-gifted and multi-talented is an inherent trait whilst being multi-passionate can be an acquired skill, developed strength, or generated interest to which you pursue with drive and passion.’ Being multi-passionate can apply to both our career and entrepreneurship journeys and must be led and managed with intention for a successful future outcome.

The first step is the Identification Process. This is usually self-identified and confirmed by other stakeholders in our work and life spaces. The confirmations do not usually come packaged in great communication. Rather, one will hear words such as “You are confused”, “You don’t seem to know what you want”, “You are a renaissance person”, “A scanner” etc. Or one will start getting advice to try and focus on ONE THING. This is usually the point where one can separate the true multi-passionate person from a confused person. The confused person begins to narrow his/her focus and try to be or do one thing, whilst a multi-passionate person immediately begins to think through how he/she can create a mixed platter. This is where the true work starts and transition begins. This is where Coaching and Guidance becomes critical. At this point, we may just be starting out, we may already be in leadership, we may already be in a set profession or we may have already started an entrepreneurship venture. Either way, it is important to acknowledge the transition and act on it.

Research has shown that from historical times multi- passionate individuals can become highly successful. Leonardo Da Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin are some of the historical successes we can look to.

Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian Painter was equally a great draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal.

Benjamin Franklin is popularly identified as one of Americas Founding Fathers. Well, he was also an author, printer and politician, whose scientific contributions have influenced physics and electricity.


Here are some guidelines to begin a successful journey.

Establish clarity and Focus in the chaos. The goal of this journey is not to find what you are best at and simply pursue that. To focus in the chaos is to strategically and consciously undergo a self-study of yourself and to connect the missing dots in your passion. The process of gaining clarity is to begin to understand the type of person you are and to be clear on what you have the skills for in every aspect of your passion.

Acknowledge your identity and Embrace your position. Society as it stands today has not made enough room for people who want to create a world of multi-possibilities. You however have to come to the point where you accept who you are without necessarily having to be accepted by everyone else. Marie Forleo, a global business coach who is credited with coining the word multi-passionate gives this simple advice. “Having multiple strengths can be a tremendous gift if you embrace it.”  When you accept and understand who you are, you can clearly define a path for yourself no matter the number of outlets or branches your passion bears.

Visualize the ultimate destination. For every journey, there must be a destination. In the same light, despite the fact that you have a number of things at heart you are pursuing, you should have a goal in mind. What are you seeking to achieve after the process of realizing not one but multiple passions?

Find the common connector across all strengths. With a goal in mind, you can start to find connectors across all your passions that will help you to align your position and purpose in a unique and exciting way. Franchesca Bowman a successful multi-passionate states that, “If you have a lot of different interests, explore them to the best of your ability because you never know how they are going to interplay or which one is going to really take off.” No matter the extremity of passions you have, there is a common dot between them and that will be the foundation of the work you do.

Begin to create an organized structure across all strengths. View structure as the framework or the core around which your build will be tailored. It is necessary to set-up an organized structure as a map or guidance on your journey. It is easy and common to get lost along the way. You may question your decisions and choices on why you even started this journey. However the structure you create is a reminder of what the end goal or long-term benefit is for you. You are reminded why one or two pitfalls should not sway you from your Model.

The ultimate key to all of the above is to BEGIN! The exploratory and engagement process can always give us the leverage we need to grow to the next level. Are we identified or unidentified multi- passionates? Do we work with them or do we find ourselves connected to them somehow? It is time to begin the journey!!!


Are you ready for TRANSFORMATION?

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: The H.E.L.P. Coach

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo is a Certified High Performance Coach, Global Speaker, Media Personality and award-winning Entrepreneur.

She is the Founder of Dzigbordi K. Dosoo (DKD) Holdings; the mother company that holds Dzigbordi Inc. & Allure Spa in The City. These brands provide services in Personal Impact & Development, Corporate Consulting, Wellness & Grooming.

Her coaching, seminars and training has helped many organizations and individuals to transform their image and impact, elevate their engagement and establish networks leading to improved and inspired teams, growth and productivity.


Her area of focus is Humanness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Power (H.E.L.P).

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