GIS holds 2nd TIME confab…empowers teacher to adopt best practices


Ghana International School has organised its 2nd TIME –Transform, Inspire, Motivate and Educate–Conference to enhance teaching and learning in the country’s education sector.

The conference, which was held under the theme: “Inclusion –Empowering All Students,” forms part of the school’s strategic goal 1 which is to aspire to be universally recognised as a centre of instructional excellence.

The one-day conference was created to provide educators with a platform to share and learn best practices that will lead to teacher efficiency, improve students’ outcomes and support the emergence of educational change in Ghana.

The workshop included over 100 basic school teachers, who were equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to empower students.

Educators in both GIS and other partner schools, who have been trained both locally and internally over several years, with an amazing wealth of knowledge and skills through experience were invited to serve as resource person to present seminars and workshops that covered a variety of topics including learning best practices that will lead to teacher efficiency and improved student outcomes.

The key note for this year’s conference was influence. To influence the wider community by providing a platform where educators will continue to be encouraged to acknowledge diversity amongst all learners and aim at removing barriers to learning by ensuring that all students have equal access to the curriculum.

Dr. Mary Ashun, the Principal of the school, said: “it is time to reflect on our practice, learn from one another and go back to our home schools, transformed. It is time we acknowledge how worthy our profession is, how critical, how necessary, and how indispensable the teaching profession is, to the growth of the country.”

Mr. Kwabena B. Tandoh, the quest speaker of the workshop, who spoke on the topic “Leveraging Universal Design for improved Student Outcomes” said teachers are central to ensuring success in all students and that the creative and comprehensive design of lessons contribute to positive student outcomes.

“As teachers, we must also have positive expectation for all our students and support them to achieve success,” he said.

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