Vodafone CEO scores gov’t 8/10 in economic performance


The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, has scored government 8/10 for its stabilizing the economy with almost all the macroeconomic indicators moving in the right direction.

Ms. Cuba speaking at post-budget forum organized by KPMG in Accra said government deserves commendation for the way it has steered the affairs of the economy allowing industry to focus on their mandate rather than worrying about the health of the economy and what impact it would have on their businesses.

According to her, what this government has succeeded in doing is creating a predictable environment that allows businesses like Vodafone to focus on delivering on their mandate.

“There’s pretty much a predictable environment. The depreciation in the currency has been manageable, we have not had any kind of shock, to be honest with you, in the last eight months. To me, that’s a stable macroeconomic environment. Everything that I have put into my budget is coming to pass just as I have expected,” she stated.

She however stated that government must work further to enhance its efforts at creating a predictable policy environment among others if she is to give the government a perfect score.

“What I mean is that there is a difference between what is stated as the intention of the country and how I experience such intention. When I actually go from department to department in order to facilitate my business, then I don’t feel the ease of doing business is a reality.

When I look at all the competitive indexes and I see us a country we are dropping down a couple of notches, it doesn’t feel like it is that easy to do business in our country,” she stated.

The theme of the Forum was, “Government’s Fiscal Policies: Achieving Sustainable Growth in a Digital Age,” and was attended by a cross section of industry players who wanted to know what impact the budget would have on their respective industries.

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