Leading fertiliser company schools farmers on good agronomic practices


OCP Africa, a subsidiary of OCP Group – a leading global producer of fertiliser based in Morocco – rolled out one of its several intended projects in the country last week, dubbed the OCP School Lab.

It is a mobile laboratory that moves from community to community, educating farmers in good agricultural practices such as conducting soil analyses on their fields.

Country Manager of OCP, Samuel Asare Oduro, at the launch in Asesewa near Somanya in the Eastern Region, said Ghana has huge potential in agriculture as it abounds in large tracts of arable land and favourable agro-climatic conditions, but the potential is largely underutilised as there are deficits in crop production which result in huge importations of food items like rice and vegetables.

It is for this reason that OCP is purposed and poised to reverse this trend, and has accordingly identified some of the challenges facing farmers; and has also designed projects and activities to help address some of those challenges.

Mr. Oduro noted that Ghanaian farmers are hardworking and highly motivated, but what they really need is guidance and support. He stated that OCP Africa was formed in 2015 to focus on African agriculture and get closer to the farmer, identify their needs, and design programmes to address their challenges.

They also support African agriculture by making fertilisers more easily accessible and affordable to the farmers. OCP Africa has sales offices/ subsidiaries in ten (10) African countries, including Ghana.

The pilot projects target 20 communities in the Yilo and Upper Manya districts and will be extended to the rest of the country, Oduro stated.

“OCP is here not only to sell fertilisers, but also help develop the Agriculture sector in Ghana. We are happy to partner the MOFA in implementing the OCP School Lab, and it is our expectation this partnership will grow from strength to strength.”

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