Okow Waves condemn attacks on Ada East Assembly Members


Okor Waves, a non-governmental welfare group of Ada East, are saddened by the unwarranted attack, by a group of people purported to be members of the Invisible Forces, on the Hon. Assembly Members of the Ada East Assembly, who were in the process of undertaking their legally mandated duty of confirming the President’s nominee to the position of District Chief Executive on 3rd November, 2017.

The group disclosed that they condemn without any reservation the attack on the Assembly members and the unprofessional conduct of the Ghana Police personnel who stood aloof as the crime was being committed during voting process.

Okor Waves group wish to sympathise with the victims of the cruel attack.

A statement from Julius Odoi, Acting Secretary General of Okor Waves wishes to state that, per the tenets of democracy, leadership is not to be imposed on people. Authority lies in the express will of the people and in this situation, the assembly members. We are very much scandalised by what appears to be a well-orchestrated

plan to empower the so-called Invisible Forces to visit mayhem on the assembly members of Ada East so they can achieve a certain desired end.

Mr. Odoi further stated that, they are not only condemning the attacks that occurred at the DCE elections in Ada but the rest of the districts in Ghana.

Okor Waves wish to call on the Inspector General of Police to institute investigations into the professional conduct of the Police command in Ada and crack the whip on those of his men who were culpable.


“We further wish that the IGP would, with immediate effect, apply all powers at his disposal to clamp down on those hooligans called Invisible Forces who, with impunity, are disturbing the peace of our country.

Going forward, we call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to offer the needed support to the

victims of this brutality to obtain justice and to ensure that the perpetrators of this

senseless brutalities are brought to book.”

The non-governmental group; Okor Waves, are soon embarking on a “Feed a Child” campaign that will be happening around the Ada East islands in December 2017.


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