UG engages stakeholders on cloud computing


A research team from the University of Ghana, led by Professor Richard Boateng, Head of Department of Management Information Systems at the university’s business school, has held a roundtable discussion aimed at assessing the use of cloud computing in Ghana’s public sector.

Held under the theme: ‘Infrastructure and policy environment for the uptake of Cloud Computing’, the meeting engaged professionals from the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), the National Communications Authority, and other ICT consultants, among other.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Boateng noted that the discussion was necessitated by the lack of sufficient literature that highlight challenges faced in the process of establishing these technologies.

“The University of Ghana is conducting an academic study on cloud computing in the public sector in Ghana. Hence, this roundtable discussion seeks to map out Ghana’s experiences in deploying cloud computing infrastructure and services in the public sector.”

Speaking at the event, ICT Applications Specialist at NITA, Veronica Boateng, indicated that a major challenge her outfit faces in deploying e-systems in the country, is the difficulty in getting everybody to use the systems.

“The challenge we have had is also to implement electronic or digital options and to demand that everybody moves towards it. What we see is that, though some of these systems are made available, the people are still very much adopted and used to the manual ways of doing some of these programmes,” she said.

She added that NITA will establish policies following the establishment of its regulation by next year, to deal with compliance issues, to ensure that citizens use these digital systems that have been put in place.


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