Turkish Airlines to operate A330 on Accra route Dec 1, slashes fares


Turkish Airlines, which flies to more than 290 destinations around the world via its hub in Istanbul, is to start operating the ultra-modern wide bodied Airbus A330 on the Accra-Istanbul route starting December 1, 2017.

The deployment of the A330 is in response to the growing demand on the route and the desire of the airline to provide the best of travelling experience to passengers.

Ferhat Yerli, General Manager, Turkish Airlines, Ghana said that the airline has grown its capacity by 75 percent over the last decade, and intends to increase that capacity growth from 75 to 85 percent by December when it deploys a wide-bodied aircraft, an A330, on the Accra-Istanbul route.

“We are very happy here in Ghana. We started our operations in 2010 and we are happy with the Ghanaian market. The passengers are happy as well. We keep recording a growth in percentage. First it was 60, then 70 then 75%. We increase every year and our passengers also keep increasing every year,” he said.

He explained that under the airline’s two-month long promotion is still on-going. Turkish has heavily reduced its return-fares from Accra to major destinations.

Passengers can now fly to Washington for US$999; Amsterdam, US$539; Dubai, US$549; London, US$639; and New York, US$999.

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