Rotten chicken not on market

  • FDA report reveals

A Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) report has debunked that rotten chicken imported into Ghana had been dumped on the market and is on sale at Techiman.

The document indicates that 266 cartons of imported chicken were safely disposed of when it was realised on arrival in the country that it had gone bad.

Sources close to the FDA and the importing company have confirmed the destruction of the imported chicken.

“It is standard practice that once we notice that imported food has gone bad, we work with the importer to destroy them. Sometimes the packaging of foods is poorly done in the country of origin so along the journey here, they get bad. It is a simple issue that we have dealt with; the importer paid for the destruction of the chicken, and there is a video record of the destruction,” the source explained.

There has been report that imported chicken that had gone bad was being sold on the Ghanaian market.

But a source at the FDA dismissed the report as exaggerated emphasising that what the facts indicate is that 226 cartons of the chicken that went bad were rightly isolated according to the standard procedures and destroyed.

A certificate of safe disposal from the FDA dated 19th October, 2017 stated that “this is to certify that the food and Drugs Authority has supervised the safe disposal of a consignment of Nana Frozen Chicken Back that was sorted out of a consignment belonging to White Stone Frozen Foods Limited as per Section 132 (2) of the Public Health Act, Act 851 of 2012”.

The FDA official who signed the document is Solomon Agampim.

Other documents confirmed that another quantity of imported chicken had been seized by the FDA and cannot be sold until the FDA has revoked the detention.

The notice of detention under the authority of Solomon Agampim of the FDA stated that the products had been seized “pending further regulatory action” further strengthening the position that they had not been put on the market.

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