JUMIA extends Black Friday for another one week


By popular demand, Jumia Ghana has extended this year’s Black Friday slated for November 24th to December 8th to December 15th. This is to give customers’ ample time to buy all affordable and discounted items they wish to purchase for the season.

It is discount raining season for all customers and Jumia wouldn’t want to deprive its noble customers a long and better season of shopping; hence the extension of Black Friday festival for another one week.

Get ready, because Black Friday 2017 is on November 24. In Africa and in Ghana to be precise, while this year’s Black Friday promises to not only super surprise customers, it is bent on drawing some interest from shoppers looking to save around 10-80% on a relatively wide selection of items.

This deal includes everything one could find raging from fashion to electronics from brands like Motorola, Infinix, Nasco, Nexus, Fero, Samsung, Hp, Hotwav, Binatone, Chigo, Maybelline, Hanes, Darling and Ghandour.

Black Friday promises to give more people the more opportunity to get all the stuffs they want. Every shopper will be getting the best price in their category of expenditure especially because it’s ‘Black Friday’.

It’s still October, but you can already find out what toys your children will be begging for or which gift package has a red bow on it needed to surprise that special someone this season. It is the biggest shopping season of the year and Jumia is doing the magic in helping you save big.  Jumia says buy quality products you love at discount prices because it’s Black Friday.


Black Friday is an unofficial holiday that started in the United States evolving from 1952. It is a day where most major retailers open offers for promotional sales. Mostly a day before thanksgiving, Black Friday is regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping in the U.S. where almost all stores give out attractive discounts for flagship products.

Why the Name ‘Black’ Friday?

‘Black’ because many retailers were recorded to have made their highest profits on Black Friday. Also, it is relating to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black. It was reported that people queued at most retail shops early before shops were opened just to be the first to grab the amazing stuffs. The presence of overcrowding in these shops led to many injured with some others losing their lives hence the term ‘Black’.

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