Celebrating Joseph Asameni Obiri, a Fortyunder 40 awards winner


“Hard work does not go unnoticed and someday, the rewards will follow” – Alan Rufus

The Forty under 40 Awards is to identify, honor and celebrate a cross-section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age of 40 from a wide range of industries, who are committed to business growth, professional excellence and community service and have risen up the ranks of their companies or industries at a relatively young age as result of this.

The organizers believe that in putting the spotlight on these young achievers, it will not only celebrate them but also build a strong platform for them by giving a voice and opportunities to the next generation of industry pacesetters whiles building a positive attitude in the youth to strive for excellence at a tender age.

The award board seeks outstanding entrepreneurs, executives, managers and professionals in the public and private non-profit sectors who have been able to overcome challenges and economic stability to ensure the satisfaction of others. They recognize attributes such as achievements in business, experience and innovation, vision, leadership, and community involvement.

The requirements for eligibility are that: candidates must be Ghanaian, living and doing business in Ghana, they must be entrepreneurs or Chief Executive Officers of companies, they must still be under the age of 40, by event date, nominations can be anonymous and letters of recommendation are not required, and finally, nominees with multiple submissions will have no advantage over those that have single nominations.

Joseph Asameni Obiri, the CEO of Lionize Tourism Consult, was a nominee and a finalist who grabbed an award (Travel and Tourism category) on the night. He combined his strong passion for travel and people living with disabilities and started “Naomi’s Inclusiveness Tour”.

He created opportunities for people with disabilities to explore the world around them. He cashed out his entire savings, borrowed from friends and family to fund one tour as a trial for taking persons with disability on a tour and it was a success.

He made possible for a blind man to go paragliding for the first time in Ghana at the Kwahu Easter Festival. He is quick to assume any risks and responsibilities in order to make it possible for disabled people in the society to have the same tour opportunities as he has had. It can be said that his affection, care and tolerance for these disabled people are admirable.

Through his initiative and persistence, Ghana Library authority and Golden Tulip Hotel offered persons with disabilities internship opportunities. When he was interviewed on the Morning Starr show hosted by Francis Abbanat StarrFm 103.5 prior to this award night, he was asked a question on what motivates him to keep doing what he does with the persons with disabilities.

His response was that when he organized the tour for the New Horizon autism kids, one of the places they went to was the Golden Tulip Hotel and he was pretty much impressed with the clever questions they asked the General manger.

He talked about a similar incident when they visited the Ghana general library and he believes the show of cleverness by these kids was what merited them those internship opportunities with the said organizations.

Finally, when he was asked to advise the young startups out there, his responds was that they should not depend on promises, they should nurture and prepare themselves very well because of serious challenges ahead, and that they should ensure that people trust in whatever they are doing.

In conclusion, the forty under 40 awards night was a complete success and the awards were presented by the minister for business development, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Awal.

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