UR Fog introduces new security system

A UR-Fog device package on display

Right Consult (RC) Ghana has in collaboration with UR Fog introduced the UR Fog product range of anti-theft security gadgets onto the Ghanaian market, to curb the increasing spate of robbery in homes, offices and banks.

UR Fog is an anti-theft security system that is designed to protect lives and properties by discharging fog to fill a room just at the press of a push button, or a nod on a wrist-band technology – making it very difficult for thieves to see anything.

Security and safety issues have been of topmost priority to all nations globally, and most governments and corporate organisations, in both developed and developing counties, invest thousands and millions of dollars annually on security installations and upgrades of security systems.

Ghana has a wide array of security systems and safety equipment on the market, especially in the private sector – with most of these systems becoming obsolete and bypassed frequently by intruders.

The UR fog is regarded as the most innovative and best security system in the world currently, built by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the security innovation sector.

Explaining how the system works, CEO of Right Consult Godwin Kofi Akuamoah said: “A visibility study of one’s room or office is done first, after which the device is installed, with panic buttons at vantage points to trigger the device in case of intrusion by a thief”.

The device he added, “has the capacity to be inter-connected with an alarm system, and it comes with a remote and a wrist-band – so that in a situation where the thieves have already invaded and commanded their victims to raise their hands, one can still press the push-button to trigger it even with the hands up.

“In less than five seconds after triggering the device the whole room is filled with fog, making visibility highly impossible.”

The UR fog is made up of water and nitrogen, which makes it absolutely harmless to humans irrespective of the health condition of the person…whether asthmatic or allergic to sharp smells.

The unique nature of this new innovation is that – unlike the other security systems where the thieves can sometimes make away with the items before CCTV camera’s will be used to track them – the person cannot even see the items to pick them up.

Its special features include: the fastest fog generator, up to 50m cube per second; double fog cylinder lower power consumption; and nozzle temper.

By: thebftonline.com | Ghana

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