Trading sex for galamsey!


Curbing a very frustrating illegal mining (Galamsey) battle against Chinese nationals has been inextricably linked to secret recordings by one powerful Chinese woman. She is said to hold video recording of sexual escapades of some politicians with threats of blackmailing. Abdul Malik Kwaku Baaku made the startling revelation on Joy Newsfile.

Kwaku Baako said, “some Chinese ladies secretly recorded their sexual encounters with influential people and in some cases, brought some young Chinese women who slept with the big men and collected evidence which is now being used to blackmail them.”

He (Baako) added that, one Chinese lady, Asia Huang, popularly known as Aisha has been notorious for her illegal mining activities at Bepotenten in the Ashanti Region. Despite the ban, some Chinese nationals were recently caught working with impunity for her

The whole news is sickening because galamsey is labeled as one of the most destructive factors undermining the protection of our green environment, coupled with the contamination of water bodies through the use of chemicals like Mercury to wash the metal.

Over the time period our leaders have been so weak. We have allowed foreigners to exploit our society by assuming positions or power through outright bribery or connections.

The whole sordid has hit Ghanaians all over. We should by now be talking about total eradication of galamsey but sadly Ghanaian watchdogs are caught up in blackmail instead. If the story is true, our leaders have let us down. This is not the first time that the corrupt attitude of our citizenry has hit the headlines.

But the behavior of these alleged ‘big men’ should raise serious concerns over the kind of people we call as authority. It is disgraceful and something has to be done about it. The news of blackmail is total humiliation.

Kwaku Baako isn’t a fringe lunatic talking sex blackmail but a recognized established media personnel. Revealing such disgusting sexual escapades and abuse accusations needs much to be desired.

We are witnessing a serious progressive decline in leadership. Our leaders have heavily indebted our country but we have little to show for it. The poor are poor, marginalized and humiliated therefore; the Chinese galamsey insurgents are taking hold of it.

It is why the Chinese – Aisha, could encroach 35 acres of Volta Resources Limited to extract $1.5 million dollars of gold and it becomes no ones business.

The critical issue brought up by Kwaku Baako and exposure of certain people we find in some privilege positions must be addressed quickly. We need those who can defend the population interest, based on unwavering respect for our state institutions.

The last person we entrust to save Ghana from this sham and disastrous menace is President Nana Akufo Addo. He is presently in a position to perform a service to humanity that others failed.

The Chinese women have achieved their strategic objective behind the crime of prostitution to record vulnerable unzipped purposeless leaders who have given away our future ecology for fear of sexual exposure.

In short, Nana Addo’s war on galamsey is a necessary measure that must be taken before the country plunges completely into laughable failed state taking over by Chinese illegal miners and blackmailers.

Source: l Ghana

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