Our shameful Accra Oxford Street


One of the famous streets in London is the Oxford Street. It has some of the most expensive and famous shopping malls and eating places like Selfridges, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Marks and Spenser, John Lewis Russel & Bromley and others. Streets are well kept, public double decker red buses are running on time and the streets are packed, day and night with millions of tourists from all over the world.

It is with the same idea   in mind that Accra Oxford Street at Osu, was named.  Yes, we have a few malls, super markets like Koala, fabrics shop like Woodin, banks and local souvenir shops. The companies located in this part of Accra can generate enough revenue to lift the image of the whole of Accra.

But what do we see? Starting from the street itself, too many pot holes are found. Then the gutters not well constructed or covered.  The gutters are choked, smelly and full of dirt from starting from photo club junction, in front of Frankies, Stanchart Bank, Tip Top Chinese Restaurant, Vodafone, Binatone , Kwick pick all the way   to Danquah Circle.

If a private company is given the job to collect the property rates from the property owners along this street and further given the mandate to run the Oxford Street, a lot of change for the better will happen in a very short time.

Tourist buses running on time from other parts of Accra to Accra Oxford Street, eating places and cold cocoa cafes, as well as well constructed sheds for local souvenirs sellers will change and enhance the image of Accra Oxford Street.

The street can and must generate millions of cedis than it is doing now. Accra Metropolitan Authority is simply not making enough effort to collect monies to develop and beautify Accra.


The Accra Mayor must pay a visit to this street and then invite a consortium of private entrepreneurs to bring proposals to change Osu Oxford Street into a vibrant business centre and share the profit.

Accra Oxford Street can become a clean, vibrant income generating business centre if it is reconstructed and properly managed.

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