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Over the last decade, private financial flows to Africa have grown steadily accounting for about 70 % growth rate. As private flows increase and traditional Official Development Assistance declines, Africa needs to harness this increased private investment or alternative investment options to address socio-economic challenges on the continent.

Though this market remains nascent in Africa, impact investment serves as a major contributor to sustainable development and socio-economic growth on the continent.  To support the growth and sustainability of the sector within the region, Annan Capital Partners has played an active role in the sector’s development by identifying impact investment opportunities and sustainable projects in emerging and developing markets. With a team of local and international experts, our goal is to bridge the gap between investors and investment opportunities across the continent.

Annan Capital Partners (ACP) was established in 2012 by Roberta Annan and operated under the name Roberta Annan Consulting Ltd. until 2019 when the name was changed to Annan Capital Partners. Based in Accra, we are a homegrown African entity committed to the growth and development of Africa’s burgeoning markets; creative economy, energy, health, education, real estate, agribusiness, technology sectors.

As a specialized boutique investment and advisory firm, we provide professional advisory services to our clients in collaboration with our international partners and other stakeholder institutions including fund managers and asset management funds, development finance institutions and donors, private equity managers, institutional investors and foundations.

Founder and Managing Partner of Annan Capital Partners believes that Africa needs to leverage on African market investments and finding capital market-based solutions in order to boost socio-economic growth and promote infrastructure development.

Annan Capital Partners has three main business lines; Advisory, Estate Planning, and Impact Investments.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory arm, focuses on the provision of general advisory and business development services. We help our clients overcome the challenges they face in their daily operations. The impetus for ACP and its ancillary structures, has always been to establish practical business solutions through the implementation of robust management systems.

Based on our unique operational model, our enterprise development process involves gathering intelligence and other relevant information. With support from our international partners in Mauritius and Switzerland, we provide our clients with relevant insights and facilities that support their wealth management and capital assets. We also provide business advisory services to businesses within the energy and infrastructure sector.

Philanthropy Advisory

ACP offers tailor-made philanthropy advisory services for private and family foundations as well as individual funders. Our services are designed to provide philanthropists with the support they need to engage in meaningful impact.

Our services include:

  • Establishing a foundation
  • Managing operations
  • Planning for succession and next-generation involvement
  • Evaluating and strengthening their philanthropic impact
  • Fundraising strategies

Estate Planning

We offer tools and strategies that can help you make informed decisions about your wealth. Effective planning ensures greater control, privacy, and security of your legacy. Through our estate planning services, we provide relevant support and comprehensive planning strategies to help you plan effectively.

The company has partnered with Aquila Invest and Lac Leman Investment Management. We offer clients to these businesses to help them create structures around their money. We help clients preserve their capital, expand and grow, and invest in the geographic region of Africa.

Impact Investments

ACP guides families and clients on the companies, organizations, or projects to invest in, which will generate social and environmental impact and, alongside, provide a good return on investment.

Through our vast network and relationships, ACP is uniquely positioned to assist these families, individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies to raise funds for a variety of social, political, and economic projects. We also develop impact investment strategies for financial institutions and entrepreneurs. Our services are customized to meet the demands and needs of our clients in the impact investment market.

Family Office

ACP family office tailors each solution to suit our clients varied needs and requirements. At all times, we act with confidentiality, efficiency, flexibility, integrity, and independence. Our goal is to simplify busy lives and assist those families by providing a full spectrum of private office services. We offer the following services: tax compliance, private banking, document management & record keeping, bookkeeping, bill paying, etc.

Annan Capital Partners- Sustaining wealth and improving lives together with you

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