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300 women benefit from the 4th edition of WOFAGRIC in Takoradi

Three hundred women farmers, women-led agribusiness and women farmers living with disabilities have taken part in the 4th edition of Women in Food and...
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Increasing insurance penetration – The Ghanaian farmer in thought

It is important to state that in developing countries like Luxembourg, with a GDP of more than US$70billion, insurance penetration as at 2017 was...
Exports begin under electronic traceability system: number of alerts drop 97% over the last 5-yrs

Challenges of import-driven economy in time of global political and economic crisis

Imports and exports play an important role in determining the overall health of an economy. Countries use the data they require from imports and...

What is the impact of cybercrime on SMEs?

In all the regions of the world today, there are significant footprints of digitalisation, a new-fangled wave that is transforming economic, environmental and social...

Risk WATCH with Alberta Quarcoopome: Are bank staff staying relevant in the digital banking...

Winners never quit, and Quitters never win Quickening the Pace of Digital Banking Last week we examined some critical training needs that financial institutions can...
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