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Positive conflicts in the workplace

Insights with Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: Time management in the workplace

The workplace is filled with various tasks, assignments, projects, meetings, distractions and disruptions which we have to deal with every single day. The intensity...

ASA Savings and Loans organizes free health screening for Kotwi residents

The Kotwi Business Center, under the Santasi Area office of the ASA Savings and Loans, in the Ashanti Region, has organized a free health...

SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE: Beauty to the Rescue (cont’d)—Physical attractiveness and service experience implications

The power of attractiveness in the shopping experience can be quite impactful, as found in a series of experiments written about in the December...
National Cathedral

Development Discourse with Amos Safo: The controversies and economics of a National Cathedral

Ghana is currently enmeshed in debates over the economic merits and demerits of constructing a National Cathedral. Thanks to media information, it appears public...

300 women benefit from the 4th edition of WOFAGRIC in Takoradi

Three hundred women farmers, women-led agribusiness and women farmers living with disabilities have taken part in the 4th edition of Women in Food and...
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