Poetry Corner: From blemish to flourish 

poetry corner

From a valley of misery she came

On the fringes of many pains she remained

From a deep dark hole she emerged

But continued to be submerged

For her encumbrances remained unexplained


From one foster to another

She drifted

From one mentor to another

She shifted

Just to lift from the doldrums

But blues lifted to a gloom


“Oh! Why me?”

She would ask of herself

“Oh! Why?”

She would enquire of the regime

The regime that imposed pain and shame

She knew she bore no blame


The early morning sleep she had truncated

In the morning rush-hour she had participated

The midday sunny battle she had fought

The midnight candle she had burned

But none relief brought


As despair stared right at her

Someone smiled right at her

Someone pushed away despair

Someone smiled into her


And that one whispered

Clear and dear into her ear

“Here to lift you

Here to make a difference

Here to nourish

So to flourish

So to jump over the fence”


So it was empathy and sympathy in their entirety

So it was care and share with complete flair

So it was resuscitation and restoration for inclusion


Then there were no more tears

Then there were no more fears

Now only tears of joy

That joy pushed fear away

That joy lasted not for a day

That joy was pure joy


Now she stood

Lifted from a deep dark hole

Lifted high upon a pedestal

Lifted aloft to a hope real

Lifted up to a life whole


Now she basked in a hope

Hope she could share


Now she bathed in happiness

Happiness she could share



To the world she was pain

And a stain

To hers she was a pearl

Now they say she has changed

And unchained

Now they no more call her names

Now they call by her name

Her new name


She knew she had arrived


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