FDA clamps down on shops with products labelled in foreign languages


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has ordered the closure of some supermarkets in the country facilitate the removal of all products labelled in foreign languages.

The decision by the FDA came following a publication by the Daily Graphic, which drew attention of authorities to some supermarkets and mother care shops in the country’s capital and other areas that are into the sale of baby products labelled in Chinese and Spanish, in contravention of the law.

An FDA official confirmed to the newspaper that the shops had been closed for the authority to investigate the retail chain.

The law stipulates that information on labels of products must be written in the English language, to allow for consumers to understand the messages clearly.

The Ghana Standards Authority (food, drugs and other goods) General Labeling Rules, 1992 (LI 1541) require that the labels of products, including food, shall be printed, impressed, embossed or stamped in the English Language.

“Any food, drugs or goods specified in the First Schedule imported into Ghana which are not labelled in the manner provided for under these rules shall be detained,” the provision further stated.


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