Not everything that fills our stomach is adequately nutritious- Dietician


The Deputy Chief Dietician and Head of the Dietetic and Food services Unit at The Trust Hospital and Clinics, Wise Chukwudi Letsa has said that a lot of people eat too much food to fill their bellies without considering the nutritional value it presents which according to him is not good for healthy living.

Speaking as a panelist at the launch of Ghana’s innovative zinc fortified yoghurt “NutriDay ” by FanMilk Ghana in Accra, Mr. Letsa stressed that eating healthy has enormous benefits to the human body and that people should not only eat to fill their stomach, but should be conscious of the nutritional benefits of what they eat contains.

”We must not only eat to fill our stomach, we must ensure that whatever we eat has the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that will ensure a good wellbeing”, he said.

He said that products such as NutriDay, which contains Zinc to support the immune system has been launched at a critical time when having a strong immune system has become essential.

NutriDay is Ghana’s zinc innovative fortified yoghurt and has been developed by FanMilk to meet the growing demand for healthy nutrition that supports the immune system.

Apart from Zinc, NutriDay contains Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin which is crucial for energy, Vitamin A which contributes to good eyesight, and Calcium, which is essential for healthy muscles and strong bones.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been increased interest in healthy living globally and in Ghana. More people have adopted healthy eating measures to avoid diseases by keeping their immune systems strong. With this background, NutriDay, has been introduced to help keep families healthy and strong every day, as they enjoy a zinc fortified yoghurt that comes with a delicious taste and helps support the immune system.

NutriDay zinc fortified yoghurt is available at all leading groceries, fuel station shops, and supermarkets in 330ml Plain and Strawberry bottles, as well as 125g Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla cups.

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