John Dumelo graces second edition of the Y Leaderboard Series


Ghanaian actor, businessman and politician, John Dumelo, has shared his experience in the creative arts industry, business and politics on the second edition of the brand new series on Y107.9FM’s ‘Myd Morning Radio Show’ dubbed the YLeaderboard Series.

The ‘Y Leaderboard Series’ is a new segment of the ‘Myd Morning Radio Show’ which focuses on providing a platform to the young generation of Ghanaians who want to break out of the rat race, venture into entrepreneurship and take up leadership positions.

The Y Leaderboard Series encourages the young Ghanaian youth to take a step towards their future now and not wait till the ‘future’ for change. It represents the ‘yes you can and do it now’ philosophy.

Speaking to host, Rev Erskine, about his career path, the actor revealed that in another life, it would have been possible for him to be a priest because that was what his mum wanted for him. “I used to serve mass and at a point, my mother even wanted me to be a Priest but that calling, I beat am. When you serve mass well, you’ll probably be expected to go to Pope John Senior High School and continue to the seminary and so on but I beat that path. God had other purposes for me,” he said.

The actor disclosed that acting is his passion and that “actors can be the biggest export commodity for the country.” He appealed to all stakeholders to come together to put in place the right structures to make the creative arts industry great. “The entertainment industry is how we sell Ghana to the world.”

John Dumelo spoke on various topics and used the opportunity to promote his newfound love, farming and its many benefits to young Ghanaians.

“Farming is a very lucrative business but as a new farmer, never start on a large scale. You have to start on a small scale, pay attention to the details and use the opportunity to learn the basics. Farming as a career requires your full attention and if you can’t do that, then you are bound to make so much loss as a farmer.”

He noted that farming was the way to go as it has been an amazing experience to him and he has never regretted for a minute venturing into farming but, “If you want quick money, don’t go into farming. There is no quick way around making money. Agriculture has taught me that there is no shortcut, patience is a virtue.”

In as much as he encourages the youth to delve into farming and agriculture in general, John Dumelo also hinted that taking bank loans to start a farming business was very risky.

John who has now ventured into politics dispelled the notion that he was entering into politics to make money. He noted that the demands from the constituents cost more than what one makes as a Member of Parliament (MP). “Politics is an avenue to serve the people and not make money.”

The highlight of the show was when John’s wife called in to the show and reigned some accolades on him.  “I just want to say we appreciate you so much. We want to say a big thank you to Mr. Dumelo for being an amazing father and an amazing husband; your thoughtfulness towards the poor and needy will always define you.”

According to the businessman, he will never change a thing in his life if he gets a second chance at life. “I will make the same choices again.”

Programmes Manager of Y107.9FM, Eddy Blay, commenting on Y Leaderboard Series noted, “The Y Leaderboard Series provides some form of mentorship to listeners while giving them the opportunity to pick the minds of these professionals on various business and career topics. It is a platform for listeners to not only learn from these mentors but also reveal the other side of their favourite personalities.”

He appreciated the ‘Myd Morning’ team for making the Y Leaderboard Series dream a reality. He went on to thank the listeners for supporting and accepting the new initiative.


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