Corporate fashion with Jackie: Face Masks in the Corporate World 


The face mask has undoubtedly become a must-have in everyone’s closet. Some prefer the locally sewn one; be it with African print or just plain colours whereas others prefer the surgical masks amongst many others. In the corporate world, it looks interesting when either the locally sewn African print or plain coloured masks are worn.


African Print Mask:

The African Print mask looks amazing depending on how it is worn. If you decide to wear an all-round single colour like all black, all white or any other plain coloured outfit, then the African print mask will look amazing as it would perfectly complement the outfit. On the other hand, if the outfit is multi-coloured, wearing an African print mask will only make the entire look too busy or messy. You can still wear your African mask but please be sure to keep the colours of your outfit as subtle as possible so the entire look doesn’t look overpowering. The African print masks are most suited for creative atmospheres or industries as a result of its colourful and artistic nature.


Plain coloured Masks:

Certain industries where looks count greatly; eg: Law industry, it is important to look as crisp as possible. In this setting, it would be ideal to stick to plain colours or the well-known N95 mask.  Plain darker colours or even black coloured masks would be perfect for this setting; It does the job and its not distracting.

In summary, African prints are beautiful and colourful and work well against plain coloured outfits or matching outfits with the masks and this look is more ideal in a creative or expressive atmosphere. Whereas plain coloured mask is ideal in atmospheres where looks are required to be crisp and diplomatic.


Signing off now,

Deboah Jackie Achampong


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