Davos 2017: Business leaders prepare to temper Trump

Donald Trump's hand-picked policy advisers have indicated that some of his most controversial campaign promises may never be fully implemented.The BBC spoke to members of the Strategic and Policy Forum, a group of 19 business leaders who will meet with the ... — Read More

Apple boss's salary and bonuses fall

Apple chief executive Tim Cook saw his salary and bonus slide in the last financial year, but his income from the sale of shares jumped dramatically.Mr Cook was paid $8.75m (£7.1m) in salary and bonus in 2016, down from $10.3m the ... — Read More

Six pharmaceutical firms accused of price-fixing

US authorities have accused six pharmaceutical firms from the US, India and Australia of price-fixing.It is alleged the companies conspired to raise the price of the antibiotic doxycycline and diabetes drug glyburide.The civil lawsuit has been filed in 20 US states.It ... — Read More

Trump's opposition already paying the price

Crossing President-elect Trump's path is proving to be treacherous and he's not even in office yet.Areas of the market Trump waged a war of words against - especially technology companies, emerging markets like China, Brazil, and Mexico and beneficiaries of the ... — Read More

Trump's surprising strength roils markets

As the votes roll in across the U.S. and Donald Trump's chances for an upset win in the tight presidential election increase, the Dow Jones industrial average plunged about 700 points in volatile futures trading and investors moved their money into safe havens like ... — Read More

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