Natural Capital Accounting: Key for Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Natural resources in diverse forms are abundant across the entire Ghanaian landscape. These resources which constitute natural capital provide numerous ecosystem services (water cycling, temperature regulation) for human wellbeing. According to the World Bank (2011), natural capital provides about 36% of ... — Read More

The “Why” of Work: Beyond the pay cheque

“Why do people come to work?” I ask HR practitioners this question to inform myself of whether they understand the deep-seated expectations and challenges their employees bring to the workplace on daily basis and furthermore, whether they possess the requisite skill ... — Read More

Reducing Banks Risks in 2017 and Beyond

“Sense and deal with problems in their smallest state, before they grow bigger and become fatal.”    Pearl ZhuHuuray, another year is with us again. Yes, it’s huuray because whatever we do in life, once it does not kill us, ... — Read More

Financial Inclusion: Running the Development Race

“You are running the development race weighted down by exclusion” were the words of the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, Mitsuhiro Furwasawa at a conference on Financial Inclusion held in Senegal in September, 2016. Development issues cut across a wide ... — Read More

An anatomy of KYC

Perhaps the most common phrase in the lexicon of modern banking is Know Your Customer which bears the popular acronym of KYC.  Not long ago, I read about how a spectacular wedding in a town in Ghana came to an abrupt ... — Read More

The presidents’ soundbites

If you think this article is about the alleged plagiarized speech of the 5th president of the Fourth Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on January 7, I am sorry to disappoint.But of course, this article has everything to do with the ... — Read More

In service to whom & what?

Service.From an incoming president’s inaugural address in Ghana to an outgoing president’s farewell address in America, service was on the minds of leaders. And it was a call to action for citizens.In Ghana, our new president issued a call to remind his ... — Read More

Nana Addo’s first 90 days are crucial

His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo has to make crucial decisions in the next 90 days to help put the economy back on the path of recovery. That recovery period must have no or minimum room for errors. The public’s expectation is ... — Read More

On Farewells & Forgiveness…

African Presidents.One bids farewell. One talks forgiveness. One rescinds his concession.Ghana’s current President John Dramani Mahama announced he would embark on a farewell tour, as incoming Nana Akufo-Addo called on a nation to forgive. Meanwhile neighbouring Gambia’s President changed his mind ... — Read More

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