Academia, industry link threatened…as students pay for internship letters

The decision by some public and private universities to charge students who apply for internship letters is deriding efforts at bridging the existing gap between industry and academia.Checks by the B&FT have shown that some public universities charge between GH?10 and ... — Read More

International Women's Day 2017: The girls defying all the odds to become scientists and engineers

Young women are discouraged from studying male-dominated subjects in Africa. But thanks to Ghana's first science academy, gifted girls can pursue STEM subjects. Rhianna Ilube meets three students paving the way for othersAfrica’s first science academy for gifted girls opened in Ghana in August 2016. ... — Read More

FOCUS move to curb unemployment

Friends of Coventry University in Ghana (FOCUS), an alumni association of the Coventry University Ghana has launched a new networking website to create a platform to link unemployed graduates to job opportunities.According to FOCUS’ Vice President, Gilbert Nyavi, the group is ... — Read More

Nana Addo commits to implementing free SHS policy

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has reiterated that the free SHS policy will begin 2017l2018 academic year.According to him, education holds the key to the rapid development of the country and therefore there’s the need to provide quality education to the ... — Read More

State of Nation Address: Prez must hint at education revamp

President Nana Akufo-Addo’s State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) today, in Parliament, must touch on the country’s struggling education sector, which has been faced with many challenges over the years.The address must touch on issues of affordability, accessibility and retention, as they are critical ... — Read More

Merge or perish?…as private varsities face difficulties

With about 72 private tertiary institutions in the country, and more in the works, questions have been raised about the suitability of courses and the financial viability of the relatively small institutions.While private universities have helped absorb thousands of students who ... — Read More

Students urged to develop entrepreneurial skills

Students have been urged to develop entrepreneurial skills as they prepare to graduate into the job market, particularly at a time when technological advancement is taking over the hitherto available job opportunities.This is believed will enable graduates to engage in self-employable ... — Read More

Education now a capitalist venture

Education is fast becoming a capitalist venture as universities, both private and public, charge huge tuition fees to enroll students to pursue various academic programmes.A potential student will spend not less than GH?1,500 a year, to enroll in a course at ... — Read More

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