Poetry Corner: Fomena’s formula 

Poetry Corner

Formula One

If you will love me

I will love you back

If you stretch to strike me down

I will strive to stress you up

If you deny me a place in the primary politicking

I will teach you a lesson in advanced arithmetic

I will let you count the numbers of your members

I will count my members in their numbers


If you ask me to walk away

I will not walk away alone

And we shall see why

We shall see why I should have been left alone

…in the primary poll

And we shall see how

We shall see how I will make it somehow

We shall see the error in your primary calculation

We shall see the blunder in your primary decision


If you add your voice to issue a threat

I will not cower nor beat a retreat

If you still carry out the threat

I will not sweat in my elementary shirt

Nor shake in my legislative chair


If you have your say

I will have my way

If you take me away from the numbers

I will take some away from your numbers

If you multiply my woes with a firm ord…derr

I will divide your joy some days later

If you despise me and my candour

I will despatch you among the next ex-gratia


When it’s time to choose who to stay

It will be time for me to have my say

When it’s time to install a new talkative

And to add to him some deputies

I will play the role of a chief executive

I will be a natural factor

…in the division of the legislature


When it’s time to select some to Major

I will add one to the number seven

To create a side to play as Minor

To set up an uneven agenda

I will let someone exit the chair after the fisticuffs

To prove I can push the Mike away from the caucuses

Away from the microphone and the gavel

…in the chamber where he rumbles

…in the conclave where he governs


Formula Two

If Sir Aaron spoke for Father Moses

And Grandmaster Alban spoke after Sir Aaron

What is the numerical strength of the Alban factor?

Calculate using Fomena’s Formula

Assuming the speed of Mon Ami Carlos is a constant factor

Leave your answer on the seat of Senorita Ursula


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