Honorary Consular Corps seeks B&FT’s cooperation for economic impact

By Rashidatu IBRAHIM
The Dean of the Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana (HCCGH) and Consul of Belgium, Dimitrios Avraam, has paid a courtesy call on the Business and Financial Times (B&FT) to enhance its relationship with the brand and bolster economic, cultural and business ties between Ghana and the represented countries.
With a proven track record in promoting cooperation across various sectors including education, arts and culture, sports, trade and investment, as well as security and defense, Mr. Avraam highlighted the importance of aligning with the B&FT to elevate its operations by integrating diplomacy with business.
“Each of us represents not only our respective states but also operates businesses in this country. Some of our consuls are Ghanaians or foreigners who have been established here for years. We believe our impact on various sectors is significant, while simultaneously supporting the ‘sending countries’ we represent.
“In our role and performance as HCs, there is a need for dexterity and solidarity for resilient performance in our interdependent world. We appreciate your contribution and look forward to strengthening our cooperation with you,” he said during the visit.
Highlighting the contribution of consuls to Ghana’s economy, the Dean emphasized the benefits derived from investments and opportunities facilitated by companies associated with the consular corps.
He further pledged his commitment to enhancing the friendship and strengthening the economic, cultural, and business relationship between Ghana and the countries represented by the consular corps.
“Our companies, working or investing in Ghana, have created opportunities for Ghanaians, contributed to the transfer of know-how, thus assisting the growth of the Ghanaian Economy and overall development of the country.
“With our substantial connection to our respective countries, our extensive local network of contacts, excellent knowledge of the business climate, the customs and culture and often the language of the host state, we have created prestigious and distinguished positions in the local community that guarantee quality and effectiveness in our performance,” Mr. Avraam noted.
On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of the B&FT, Dr. Godwin Acquaye, expressed gratitude for the Corps’ visit and acknowledgment of B&FT as an organization to collaborate with in promoting its initiatives and achieving its objectives and goals.
Dr. Acquaye noted that as the leading source of business information in Africa, the B&FT brand has worked diligently over the years to achieve its current position. He further outlined the company’s objective of expanding its readership across Africa and globally, saying: “Gradually, we are getting there. Now, with the inception of the digital world, anything can reach anywhere.” Dr. Acquaye also pledged the company’s commitment to supporting the Corps.
Honorary Consuls were recognised in the country after the establishment of the Honarary Consular Corps of Ghana (HCCGH) in I996. There currently 45 consuls, with 39 being members of the Corps.

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