As a Thespian, with freedom comes responsibility!


…actress, Sitsofe Tsikor has a message to be heard

Sitsofe Tsikor is a charismatic, globetrotting and adventurous Ghanaian stage and screen actress, a voice-over artist, a Master-of-Ceremonies, and a serial entrepreneur. She attended Achimota School for her secondary education and then graduated from Central University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and has a certificate in acting for screen from City Varsity Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since quitting mainstream corporate work years ago to fully concentrate on acting, she has starred in a number of movies and TV series, voice-overs, and modelled for some topnotch commercial brands. Some of the productions she has starred in include ‘Julor’, ‘Borga’, ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’, ‘Open Marriage’, ‘It Takes Two’, ‘Table Of Men’ series, ‘Charade’ series , ‘Squatters’ series, ‘The Anthonios’ series, ‘Inside Out’ series, ‘Strange World’, ‘Something Must Kill A Man’ stage play, ‘Women At Work’ stage play, ‘Run For Your Wife’ stage play.

Currently, she played ‘Joyce’ in ‘Dede’, which showed on Akwaaba Magic on DStv. Also a lurer on the TV show on Sankofa, she is currently playing ‘Abiba Sani’ in the Akwaaba Magic series ‘Madam’.

We caught up with the fast-rising actress whose mantra revolves around the singular mindset, ‘audeat-est-facere’, to tell us more about what it means to joggle being an actress and a serial entrepreneur.


B&FT: Thank you for agreeing to talk with us. Tell us about yourself, growing up, and your background

Sitsofe: I grew up from very humble beginnings – mum is a nurse, dad was a Nigerian policeman; they later divorced, and I came back to Ghana with mum at a very young age and she has been my everything since then. But was a mixed bag of fun and wonders as a child. 

B&FT: What was education for you like and has it impacted the services you have been providing over the years?

Sitsofe: Education has been great. I am a person who is keen on learning, so it was crucial for me to get that out of the way; and even as I’m talking to you, I still learn in different ways. Yes, definitely it has been useful in so many ways to what I’m doing currently. Nothing learnt is ever wasted. It always comes in handy. 

B&FT: You have acted in different movies, and the most current one is the thrilling ‘Madam’ – how fulfilling is it for you to entertain people at home, offices, etc.?

Sitsofe: It’s been extremely fulfilling. Once you are following your life’s purpose, the process itself is fulfilling; it comes with so much inner joy. And I must say that all the movies, series, stage plays – everything I have done including the ones I am doing now – they’ve all brought bliss. 

B&FT: You’ve acted in Nigeria and Ghana movies, how would you describe the ambience, structures, and so much more of both countries?

Sitsofe: Well, I think the industry is a lot more rigorous, fast-paced, broad and active in Nigeria compared to Ghana. But this is also due to so many factors which can be discussed when the right forum presents itself; but in general, different countries, different approaches, but same Africa.

B&FT: You do voice-overs, entrepreneurship, etc. – how have you been able to joggle all this? 

Sitsofe: Well, as an actor I’m not on set 24 /7 so the in-between times I get, I use it to read and learn to improve my craft; then I squeeze in the other ventures like voice-overs and MCing weddings and other events. I also make adequate time for the ‘O’relish’ shitor, the uniqueness of which I think everyone in the world should have a taste. 

B&FT: You are the ‘voice’ behind some of the notable brands we hear as adverts, how fulfilling does this get to you knowing that millions of people are listening to you?

Sitsofe: It’s exciting to hear my ads across Ghana, Africa alike. But as you know, it is work for me, so I finish and move on…looking for the next chapter to conquer.

B&FT: Your work with the voice-over revolves round ‘talking’, how do you ensure your words are captivating and informative?

Sitsofe: I don’t write scripts, I read what is written for me in a way that sends the message across the best, that’s all I do as a voice-over artist.

B&FT: As a young lady with a huge vision, how has this mentality thus far carried your close people along, in relation to time, communication and so on? 

Sitsofe: Those who love you understand, and they create space for you in their lives; and when I’m actually available, I do show up so that makes up for when I’m not. Families, friends, loved ones – everyone. 

B&FT: What factors do you feel have contributed to your success, as well as downsides (challenges) that you have encountered in this journey of changing the world with your passion, talent and services?

Sitsofe: Being successful is relative; but for now, I am still climbing the ladder of success, so I will not want to classify myself as being successful – not that I am not doing ‘okay’. I am, but in the ranks of where I want to be, I still have a long way to achieving that. As for the challenges, I believe that every industry has its own challenges. And how much you are willing to deal with them can only determine how far you can go. 

B&FT: You own a sauce brand, talk us through how you started the idea which is now accepted in almost every home in Ghana?

Sitsofe: Back in secondary school and through to the university, I could not get shitor that tasted great or not burnt. I wanted to experiment to get the best of both worlds and so later on in life when the idea came to me, I just could not shake the thought off and the rest is history, as they say. 

B&FT: What resources have you found invaluable in all you do?

Sitsofe: The ability to deal with any type of person based on their special needs; patience and respect for others and me.

B&FT: What would you say is the most difficult part in this terrain of being an actress and voice-over personality?

Sitsofe: The highs are high and the lows are really low that sometimes it can get to you as a person. It gets lonely sometimes, but we have to keep the ball rolling, we have to keep the spirit alive and make sure that we are not deviating from the set goals.

B&FT: What is one of your guiding principles that you have held up and has seen you gait smoothly in this journey of life?

Sitsofe: Discipline and never giving up. I always remind myself that if it was easy, everyone would have been doing it.

B&FT: In a ‘new’ world where social media razzmatazz seems to be the order of the day, how have you been able to manage the storm, looking at all the services you provide with one eye on the ‘if you cannot beat them, you join’ scenarios?

Sitsofe: By keeping my eyes on my goal and staying in my lane. I try not to move because of pressure, I move when I feel ready. I am mentally mature enough to understand this industry.

B&FT: “Do not be deceived, bad company corrupts good character.” What would be your advice to your fellow youths who seem to ignore this message, especially in this era of peer pressure?

Sitsofe: Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely. It could make or break you.

B&FT: You are a very family-oriented personality, what does ‘family’ mean to you?

Sitsofe: For me, family means everything. When all is said and done, they are the ones that stick around forever, so it is imperative that we keep them close to us in all that we do.

B&FT: What advice can you give to another aspiring young lady who is multi-purpose in life?

Sitsofe: Go for it! But keep in mind, it’s not easy and don’t expect ‘easy’. Be ready to put in the work. 

B&FT: describe the typical Sitso’s client – be it viewer, listener or buyer?

Sitsofe: (Laughs) Satisfied I suppose.

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