Bank of Ghana Ladies’ Association donates to Volta Regional Hospital

The Bank of Ghana Ladies Association (BoG Ladies) has donated medical equipment and accessories to the Volta Regional Hospital, Hohoe, to enhance quality health care delivery.

The Bank of Ghana Ladies Association (BoG Ladies) has donated medical equipment and accessories to the Volta Regional Hospital, Hohoe, to enhance quality health care delivery.

The items included a new Mindray DC 30 Ultrasound Scanner, Bank of Ghana-branded bedsheets, papers for printing, gels and a patient monitor were donated in a short ceremony in Hohoe.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President of BoG Ladies Ms. Ivy Adjimah said: “The call on us for an ultrasound scanning machine was to us an emotional appeal and a life-saving necessity that required urgent provision, given the machine’s importance – especially its assistance with diagnosis, and consequently the existing clinical deficiency due to its unavailability.

“Sincerely, I must confess that we are so much delighted with being able to redeem our pledge by providing for the Municipal Hospital a new Mindray DC 30 Ultrasound Scanner for its healthcare delivery services. Beyond the machine being used for obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound scans, it can also be used for Elastrography scans and Doppler scans. It can also be used to examine the heart and nearby blood vessels.

“I am so much elated to also inform you that in addition to the ultrasound machine, we are also donating a Patient Monitor that measures, records, distributes and displays biometric values such as heart rates, SP02, blood pressure, temperature and more. It may interest you to know that our ability to reach out to another region within this country brings us much satisfaction from what our charitable organisation holds as one of its visions. That is, extending the tentacles of our benevolent operations beyond Greater Accra Region.”

Ms. Adjimah called on management of the hospital to take good care of the items donated and exhibit a high level of maintenance culture, so it can serve more people in and beyond the Region. She expressed gratitude to the Governor and Deputy-Governors of the Bank of Ghana, as well as all the ladies who constitute BoG Ladies for the joy and eagerness with which they received and approved the benevolent initiative – and subsequently contributed their quota cheerfully and bounteously toward purchasing the items.

Mr. Victor Akakpo, Volta Regional Manager-Bank of Ghana, noted that the donation from BoG Ladies is one of numerous interventions the Bank of Ghana has done in the Volta, Oti and other regions of the country.

He said some CSRs of the Bank in the Hohoe Municipality are the donation of equipment to the Eye Clinic of the Regional Hospital; equipment to the Physiotherapy Unit of the hospital; and donation of computer tables to the Hohoe Midwifery Training School.

Others include the construction of a 6-unit water closet for the Volta School for the Deaf; construction of a pavilion for Alavanyo Senior High Technical School; repairing the old ambulance and construction of 20 modern toilet facilities at Gbi Bla, a suburb of Hohoe.

Mr. Akakpo said the scanner donated has an ‘iclear spectacle reduction imaging technology’ capable of reducing the image speckle noise; and has a clearer and sharper lesion contour that can give a clear picture of soft tissues which do not show up well on X-ray images.

He noted the scanner is one of the preferred imaging modalities for diagnosis and monitoring of pregnant women and their unborn babies that provides real-time imaging. Mr. Akakpo said the Bank of Ghana is very much concerned about the health of staff and the general public as a whole, and will be grateful if proper care and good maintenance culture is adopted to keep the machine in good working condition to help the hospital continue delivering quality health care in the Municipality and beyond.

Mr. Charles Torkornoo, Head of Administration-Volta Regional Hospital, on behalf of the Medical Superintendent said the hospital has done all it can to improve on its maternal and child health services.

He noted that looking at the number of pregnant women that come to the facility from antenatal care (ANC) through to delivery, there is a need to focus more on mothers and children since children are the future leaders.

Mr. Torkornoo expressed gratitude to BoG Ladies for the donation, adding that the hospital acknowledges the tremendous support given by the Bank of Ghana to the hospital over the years. He said the machine has come at the right time and willplay a critical role in ensuring health care delivery, especially when OPD attendance of the hospital keeps increasing and with ANC attendance recording significant figures.

Mama Dzitri II, Vice President of the Hohoe Municipal Council of Queens, said the donation came at the right time and this will ensure women have quality healthcare – calling on hospital management to take good care of the items.

The President of BoG Ladies, Ms. Ivy Adjimah, was accompanied by Mrs. Josephine OforiTeiko, Secretary; Mrs. Audrey C. N. D. Agyekum, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Florence Afedu- Koomson, Assistant Treasurer; Ms. Sarah Panford, Organising Secretary; and Mrs. Alice Aboagye, Assistant Organising Secretary.

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