Essential blockchain concepts you need to know from SocialSwap’s Alois Köhle


It is no surprise that entrepreneurs today are adding expertise on cryptocurrency to their portfolios. Crypto and blockchain are making a big comeback, as Dogecoin also recently made major news headlines. A new variant of electronic currency, the non-fungible token (NFT), is attracting investors like Tom Brady. Self-taught mogul Alois Köhle has entered this booming industry with

Alois moved to Vienna in 2015 where he discovered the world of crypto. Entranced by its financial potential, he was determined to create an online business built on this futuristic currency. In addition to SocialSwap, Alois has developed its accompanying SocialSwap Token (SST) to further revolutionize the industry, and also launched an online marketing company.

With the goal of finding success in cryptocurrency and helping others do so, the focus of Alois’ company is providing solutions. Being himself guided by an exceptional group of mentors for 10 years, today, Alois inspires others to believe in themselves and their business goals. Part of this method is sharing the knowledge he learned from industry leaders such as Scooter Braun, Michael J. Saylor, and Chamath Palihapitiya.

Before launching his crypto career, Alois was a chef and waiter who lacked financial and time freedom. Today, this is a thing of the past as he can work anytime, from anywhere, and has the means to enjoy his free time nearly any way he so chooses. SocialSwap was designed to give people solutions, so they too can enjoy this lifestyle.

Alois certainly faced his share of critics who were doubtful of his endeavors. He tuned out these negative voices as he proceeded along his career path and refused to let outside interference keep him from achieving his goals. As per Alois, “Failure was never an option.”

This persistence yielded an enormous return on investment as Alois now helps to educate people worldwide on cryptocurrency and blockchain systems. He does this through various social media platforms, particularly YouTube. Today, he counts Paris Hilton among his many clients.

This is a complicated industry that moves at a lightning-fast pace, but Alois has proven himself to be an excellent teacher, and also a very successful one at that. As a result, this serial entrepreneur has now established himself as a notable figure in the realm of cryptocurrency.


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