Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant…a perfect hide out at North Legon


Relaxation, having a good time with palatable meal or some few bottles of drinks with family and/or friends cannot be enjoyed more than in a calm, serene, and quiet ambience, and these are what the Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant offers residents and other regular patrons.

Located at the heart of one of the elite neighbourhoods in Accra, North Legon, the Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant has grown to become the most popular hide out in the community for both residents and non-residents. Opened some three years ago, the bar and restaurant provide more than food and drinks.

The calm environment is an ideal place for short informal business engagements; a place where small groups of friends can gather to have fun; and where love birds can have a tête-à-tête in the evenings.

Eleanor’s Bar and restaurant also is unique in the variety of meals it dishes out. Knowing very well the presence of both foreigners and indigenes in the community, the hide out offers both local and continental dishes. For foreigners who want to declare the winner of the everlasting ‘jollof war’ going on among West African countries, Eleanor’s makes it easier for them as it has a perfect taste of the Ghana jollof rice.

On the menu list are finger-licking chops and grills which include spring rolls, meat or chicken pie, BBQ pork, chicken wings, etc. For the local meals, there is yam with palaver sauce, banku and okro stew or tilapia, chicken light soup, and all types of rice meals.

All kinds of burgers and sandwiches are also in stock. Then, with the continental dishes, there is beer battered fish and chips, garlic mayo, and green peas; beef stew and potato mash; beef sauce and egg fried rice; tuna, chicken breast or teriyaki salmon salad with classic vinaigrette, and many more.

Put simply, whatever you want to eat or drink, be it local or continental food, soft drinks or hard liquor, is available at Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant.

The restaurant manager, Yaw Debra, in an interview with B&FT said that Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant has more to offer this year, as it seeks to bring its services to the door step of customers.

He said the eatery has introduced delivery service, where customers can call in and order food for it to be delivered to them wherever they are within Accra. Besides this, families or friends wishing to organise small gatherings can solicit the services of Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant, stating their preferred meals and order will be delivered hot, saving them from the stress of doing the cooking.

So, whether you want to find a secluded place out of town to hide out with friends; whether you are hosting a party or small event; whether you want your food delivered hot to your home or office, note that the Eleanor’s Bar and Restaurant is at your service.

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