Patmings Yark: Making fashion a language


Beauty goes beyond looks; beauty looks at behaviour and appearance. According to Miuccia Prada, what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language. Growing up, my dad used to say “your dress is your address”.

Today on Explore with JB, we will be exploring the fashion world with a lady who is not afraid to make a statement with fashion.

Patmings Yark was birthed in 2010 by Patience Asuming, popularly known as Yaa Pee, as a small buy and sell online enterprise mainly in Clothes and Hair Customer satisfaction – and trust for the brand has grown. Patmings is not only in clothes retail but also wholesale, Costume Styling, Bridal Accessories, Hair products, Interior Decoration, Concept Creation and Photoshoots, Travel and Tours, Small Scale Business Mentorship, Event Planning, and Advertisement – giving us the nickname from clients as “Madam I sell everything” due to our venture in every opportunity.  Patmingsyark was registered officially in 2015 and is still counting. I had a small interaction with her so we can learn a bit about why we need to understand fashion in our daily lives.

What motivated you to start?

From observation, individuals needed basic products and services but could barely be satisfied with the options they had, primarily because users were corporate individuals who had no time to shop at ease. Secondly, there was an issue with accessing services from a trusted source. Having identified these challenges of corporate workers, I set out to be a liaison between products and consumers. All clients had to do was say what they wanted and Patmings Yark provided the service.

How have you inspired others?

Patmings Yark has lived up to the old adage that “Little drops of water make a mighty Ocean”. Although we have not hit the target expected, we can boast of the major strides we have chalked up over these years. Most importantly, our clientele base has grown tremendously, with old ones sticking with us. Through our mentorship programmes, quite a number of young adults have ventured into this and other market spaces. They continue to receive nurturing in start-ups, and the feedback from their base is positive.

What makes someone fashionable?

One is considered fashionable when a costume and overall outlook is carried with grace and confidence to make statements as appropriate to a set environment.

As a woman, do you think ‘fashion’ is overrated and expensive as others often say it is?

Fashion is neither overrated nor expensive. There is a market for every pocket, in that every product has grades and a target market. It’s the ability of the wearer or user to gracefully make the most out of a product. One could wear very expensive shoes or wigs and no one would bat an eyelid. Another person would wear random cheap attire and pull heads in their direction.  Nothing is out of style either; it all depends on how good a product can be evolved to suit the right need. 

What are the pros and cons of fashion?

Being a fashionable person inadvertently makes one confident, as it plays a major role in the general mood. Secondly, one feels good in their skin and becomes admirable to others. Not forgetting that it opens lots of opportunities in different stages as you come out as a unique individual.

On Cons, fashion is time and effort consuming; and copyright issues may also surface.

Judgement of others based on one’s fashion style or taste also has to be faced.

Your little advice to people who do not understand why they need to join the fashion world?

Whatever you wear can make or not make a fashion statement. You may want to consider the benefits fashion comes with, and work within your budget.

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