GRASAG, NCCE sign MOU to promote civic education and governance practices

From left; Emmanuel Owusu, GRASAG National President, Mr. Samuel A. Akuamoah, Deputy Chairman, Operations, Mr. Victor K. Brobbey, Deputy Chairman, Finance & Administration, Mr. Eric Acquah, GRASAG Chief of Staff & Administrator

In a significant move to enhance civic education and governance awareness among graduate students and the youth, the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) National Secretariat has entered into a strategic partnership with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE).

This collaboration aims to ensure a better understanding of civic responsibilities among young people across the nation.

The partnership agreement, recently signed by both parties, outlines a series of commitments to promote and support civic education initiatives. GRASAG has pledged to provide volunteers who will serve as Advocates for NCCE’s civic education drive in Senior High Schools and tertiary institutions. This initiative aims to embed civic education deeply within the educational framework, fostering a generation of well-informed and responsible citizens.

According the GRASAG National, Mr. Emmanuel Owusu, GRASAG is committed to mobilizing its members across the regions to actively participate in NCCE activities.

He stated that GRASAG volunteers will assist in NCCE’s outreach programs aimed at engaging youth on various campuses and in communities nationwide. “We will support the work of the NCCE with our expertise and skills in ensuring that, the youth are properly educated on their civic responsibilities”.

On part of the NCCE, the Commission highlighted that, with GRASAG coming on board as partners, NCCE will enhance the reach and impact of its civic education programs in senior high schools, tertiary institutions, and communities across the country. This collaboration will ensure that civic education is not confined to classrooms but reaches a wider audience through dynamic outreach initiatives.

Additionally, GRASAG will partner with NCCE to conduct research related to civic education in line with NCCE’s core mandate. This research collaboration will provide valuable insights and data to inform future civic education strategies and programs.

This MOU signifies a landmark partnership aimed at promoting civic responsibility and governance practices among the youth. By working together, GRASAG and NCCE are poised to make significant strides in educating and empowering the next generation of well-informed citizenry.

This collaboration underscores the importance of civic education in building a vibrant and democratic society, and it sets a precedent for future partnerships aimed at enhancing the civic consciousness of young people in Ghana.

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