Captains of industry urged to train next-generation political leaders 


By Ernest Bako WUBONTO

Chairperson of UT Group of companies, Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng (RTD), has called on top business executives and civic leaders to take a more active role in developing the country’s next generation of political leaders.

The business mogul raised concerns about numerous corruption scandals plaguing  government; the bad leadership qualities current political leaders demonstrate daily; and significant challenges facing the system which lead to declining trust in institutions and authorities.

He emphasised that the only solution to widespread corruption and the trend of citizens emigrating in search of better prospects in western countries is a paradigm-shift in leadership moral qualities, standards and behaviour.

This change, he said, can only be attained when business executives express concern and channel resources into cultivating skilled, ethical leaders for the business community and also political officeholders.

PK Amoabeng highlighted that current political leadership lacks key moral values such as discipline, integrity, respect, honesty, care for their neighbours and being God-fearing, which are critical requirements for any transformative leader.

However, he mentioned that these qualities are still held in high esteem by the business community, which is propelling their growth and sustainability; hence the need for them to champion training of leaders for the country.

“We need God-fearing leaders now because they understand the principle of love your neighbour as yourself. Our political leaders today have no respect for their neighbours; because if they did, some of the things we see today would never happen.

“When leaders have respect for the people and fear of God, they will not be aggressive about worldly things because we will one day die and leave all of that behind,” he said.

Captain Amoabeng provoked the business community to be conscious of the fact that political leadership cannot be left in the hands of a party politics system as usual. “We cannot leave this to chance and expect a different outcome. We need to create the leaders that will serve well. It’s no more about degrees,” he said.

He elaborated on several ways through which business executives can contribute to cultivating God-fearing, good moral values and principled leaders – including the creation of leadership development programmes to mentor aspiring, brilliant young talents with leadership interest, as well as providing financial support and endorsements for young individuals who align with core leadership and business principles.

“As leaders in the business world, we have a responsibility to ensure the long-term health and prosperity of our nation. By stepping up, the business community can help strengthen our democracy and secure a brighter future for all,” he iterated.

PK Amoabeng made these remarks at a business executives dinner event to celebrate his life and legacy in Accra, and was also honoured by the Johnnie Walker country management with a customised Blue Label whisky for his outstanding contribution to the industry and serving as a motivation to the business community.

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