MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Leveraging


 While waiting for my turn at a barbershop I frequent very often, a friend who happened to be shaving mentioned my name and we exchanged pleasantries.

In the course of doing that, he quickly glanced at the television set in the shop, chuckled and said ‘when will our indigenous movies improve’

I said, ‘it is getting better’, since we had already started a conversation. Then another fellow also contributed by saying ‘I don’t think so, all they think about is the money’ he retorted. After debating the issue for a while, we settled on what we termed as a leverage.

So what is a leverage in this context?

A leverage is simply using something to its maximum advantage. For example, the country needs to leverage its key resources.

Leverage can also mean the influence or power used to achieve a desired result.

Before we got to this coined term ‘leverage’, we all arrived at this conclusion, we understood that in the endeavour of anything, there is a need to start it.

We also understood that, it doesn’t matter how unprofessional it might look at the starting point, what matters is the ability to do something with it.

Again we understood that for there to be a leverage, it needs to be done continuously, it is only by doing this that will eventually bring out the beauty and the professional aspect.

You see, usually we are so quick to render a critique to a project or an endeavor.

What we do not normally pay attention to is the leveraging angle or point.

Which is the influence or impact it can have be it negatively or positively.

For instance, just recently, a certain young man who happens to have a sizeable audience has gained a lot of leverage all because of criticisms, and anything he does or says becomes a news item. I’m sure you can take a wild guess who I’m referring to.

So what is the point in all this? The point is, no matter how negatively or positively you criticize a thing, it turns to have a leverage. Now for some people the best way of advertising is by creating controversies.

That is their way of leveraging. Since all endeavours can be positive or negative, let us adopt this mindset.

A mindset that seeks to rather assist or help shape whichever endeavour; not just identifying the problem but by being the solution; that is how to improve it. For example: you went to a place and realized the whole place is littered, you can easily talk about it as a problem or decide to find a solution by getting them a refuse bin

A mindset that will always make sure it encourages and help others to be the best they can be.

Not too long ago, BBC radio was the most listened to radio station aside GBC radio and no one ever thought Multimedia’s Joy FM Station which was started in 1994 will in the near future be the most listened to radio station in Ghana and help pave the way for numerous of its kind to emerge.

So let us learn to be of a solution rather than seeing the shortfalls always.

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