Ghana’s ports sector provides enabling environment to support AfCFTA-MPS CEO

CEO of MPS, Mohammed Samara

The Chief Executive of the Meridian Port Services, Mohammed Samara has uttered that the blossoming port sector in Ghana provides an enabling environment to support industries in the new era of free trade.

And that, he is encouraging producers and industries within the African Continent to take advantage of the benefits and discounts the free continental trade provides.

Mr. called for more investments that will complement efforts in the ports sector to achieve the goals of AfCFTA.

“Angola all the way to Nouakchott, we are about 300-400 million producers and consumers so this is a huge market. If you look at the GDP of this block, it is about 700-800 Billion and that is quite a lot. Nigeria represents 220 million consumers. So we are growing to become half a billion consumers and beyond. If we target half a billion producers and they manufacture two shirts annually then that is a billion shirts to be consumed in this market annually which is a lot of cargo and a lot of industry to be built on. The market is huge and we encourage people to take advantage of the benefits and discounts AfCFTA provides so I encourage industries within and outside the continent to invest and in West Africa”, he said.

Phase two of Terminal 3 expansion project

Mohammed Samara also revealed that the Phase 2 of the Terminal 3 expansion project will be launched before end of May.

“This project will put at least 50-60 million-dollar investment into the country’s infrastructure. We have also placed on order additional cranes to the tune of 75 million. Basically, there is a 100-150 million lined up in a committed investment towards the expansion of the port infrastructure,” he said.

The MPS Chief Executive made these remarks in an interview with Eye on Port following a visit from a delegation from the AfCFTA Secretariat to the Port of Tema.

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