Motoring with Bob Roco Romeo: Yango celebrates top partner-drivers for offering great experience to riders


Ride-hailing service Yango has celebrated some twenty partner-drivers for offering excellent riding experiences to riders on the app.

The selected drivers were those with highest number of 5-star ratings and who received great reviews from their riders for the great experience they had riding with them.

Over 91 percent of all evaluated trips by the users were five-star ratings, and they were drivers with the top-three best rated parameters: ideal driver, comfortable driving and politeness.

For their prize, each of the partner drivers received a certificate and one-week fuel coupon for being a good ambassador of Yango’s standards and goal of providing quality and value for money experience to users of the app.

“We hope that this activity will motivate our drivers to continue giving excellent customer experience to our cherished riders,” said the country manager for Ghana at Yango, Tom Ofonime, in his brief remarks.

Sharing his personal experience as a former driver on ride-hailing platforms, he encouraged Yango drivers to be professional in their work at all times and be motivated to achieve more for themselves as drivers.

One of the drivers, John-Christus Obeng, expressed his gratitude to Yango for celebrating drivers on the app; saying it will encourage them to do more for themselves, riders and the company.

“I’m very happy about what Yango has done for drivers today, because it’s not easy on the road; it’s about life and death. This is something that must be encouraged for people to see the need to appreciate and reward taxi drivers for the good work they do,” he said.

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