Y Leaderboard Series with Rev. Erskine: Senyo Hosi shares life experiences, preaches nationalism and more


Ghanaian entrepreneur and established economic policy analyst Senyo Hosi has shared insights on his childhood, education, career, and his vision for Ghana’s future in a recent interview on Y 107.9 FM’s Y Leaderboard Series with Rev. Erskine.

In his interview, Mr. Hosi spoke about his childhood experiences, growing up in a big family that was filled with warmth and love, but also big on discipline. He recalled his home as always bustling with activity, with many cousins and other people who were not even related living with them. Despite the love in the household, he emphasised that there was also a lot of discipline and order, with his mother being a no-nonsense person and his father a “tough guy”.

“Home was filled with love, but big on discipline,” Mr. Hosi said. “I think these two things are very important in the upbringing of a child. Love gives you the emotional foundation that you need to navigate life, but discipline gives you the ability to execute, to be able to succeed.”

Mr. Hosi’s upbringing instilled in him a sense of nationalism and a desire to contribute to the development of his country. “I grew up believing that there was no other place to go but Ghana,” he said. “And if Ghana was going to be successful, then we all had to contribute to that success. That has been my driving force.”

Regarding his education, Mr. Hosi revealed that he attended school in Madina and Patang Hospital JHS during the transition period between the old and new JHS systems. He emphasised the importance of education and continuous learning, saying: “Education is key, but it’s not just about getting a degree. It’s about learning, constantly improving, and acquiring new skills”.

Mr. Hosi’s impressive career includes management experience across various industries, including downstream petroleum, industry advocacy, public policy development, finance, logistics, and commodity trading. He was formerly the CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, and has served on various public and corporate boards, including the Ghana Highways Authority Board, Ghana’s Ministry of Energy’s Ministerial Advisory Board, the Private Enterprise Federation, Legacy Bonds Limited, and NDK Capital Ltd.

In the interview, Mr. Hosi shared his perspective on the current state of Ghana’s economy, calling for a shift in the country’s mindset toward nationalism and a more productive workforce. “We need to begin to work toward the idea that Ghana must work,” he said. “We have to work for Ghana’s development, and we have to build a mindset that is productive, that is forward-looking, that is disciplined, and that is committed to the country’s progress.”

Mr. Hosi also emphasised the importance of skills development, saying: “Reading and writing is not a skill”, and encouraging young people to acquire technical skills that are in demand in the job market. He advised graduates that “being a university graduate does not guarantee you a job”, and urged them to focus on developing skills that would make them valuable in the workforce.

“Senyo Hosi’s comes across as very resourceful, having served across both private and government institutions, and now a proven entrepreneur. His appearance on the Y Leaderboard Series has not only provided valuable insights into his upbringing, education, career and vision for Ghana’s future, but also stressed on the importance of instilling discipline among Ghanaian youths. He has provided valuable guidance for young Ghanaians as they navigate their own paths to success. We are grateful to Mr. Hosi for his time with us and we remain committed to being the brand for the youth,” Eddy Blay Jnr., the Programmes Manager of Y 107.9 FM, remarked.

The Y Leaderboard Series is Ghana’s most innovative and inspiring career modelling programme that aims to empower young people and help them reach their full potential. It presents a platform for young people to learn from the best and brightest in their fields. Through a combination of interviews and engagements across social media platforms and call-ins, young individuals will be privileged to a wide range of topics, including career development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

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