Elrano takes lead in facilitating more real estate partnerships


A consulting and pioneering real estate consulting company, Elrano Projects and Consult Ltd is working towards developing more partnerships in Ghana’s real estate industry. The company seeks to create a more profitable value chain through industry collaborations and partnerships that benefit property seekers and businesses.

The Managing Director of Elrano Projects and Consullt, Rev. Elvin Larkai believes this would create more demand for property developers, more entrants into real estate, higher quality construction and shorter sales conversion time.

There are no official statistics, but it is widely believed that between 40,000 and 80,000 properties are built in a year in Ghana. Most of these developments are managed by individuals because of a lack of perceived quality and options.

Rev. Larkai said that fostering relationships in the industry would shift this balance of construction in favor of real estate companies and developers.

“There is a huge potential for Ghana’s real estate industry to further develop. It can easily become a real estate hub in the West African subregion if we encourage mutually beneficial relationships between businesses. For instance, one developer may have a major strength in concrete product production while another could be a leader in window fabrication. One may have banks of land and another the needed capacities in terms of human resources or capital. If such companies collaborate, it could lead to more houses being built at faster and cheaper rates.

We don’t think real estate ends with construction though. We believe it is essential to partner with media stakeholders to promote developers’ projects. This would lead to more business opportunities for the media sector and reduce the sales wait time for developers,” Rev. Larkai stated.

Launch of The Seven Project

Rev. Larkai made these statements during the launch of Elrano’s latest development, The Seven. The development, located in Tema Community 25, is made up of seven bespoke homes in a gated court with landscaping to support green building practices.

There are two options available to home buyers. The first option is Mirth, which is a three-bedroom home expandable to four. It includes features such as a terraced roof, pergola, fully fitter kitchen cabinet and wardrobes in all bedrooms. A mini football set is provided as a complimentary gift.

Verve is the other option that comes with fully loaded features. It has similar features to Mirth in addition to a penthouse provision, an elevator, a sky bar and a rooftop pool. A mini football and gym equipment are provided as complimentary gifts.

About Elrano Projects and Consult

Elrano is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to supporting businesses, institutions, and organizations in achieving their business goals, with a special focus on increasing revenues and overall profits.

Founded in 2012, Elrano has established itself as a smart and versatile firm, providing innovative solutions and development strategies across various industries, including consumer and financial services, real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, transport, and equipment industries. With a wealth of expertise spanning the entire business value chain, Elrano’s approach ensures that clients become game changers in their respective fields.

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