Grooming the next generation of tech talents


…the ECL way

The streets have been buzzing- everyone wants to go into tech. With the creation of groundbreaking applications and the opportunity to gain skills that puts one at par with global talents, it appears that venturing into the tech space is a no-brainer. Herein lies the million-dollar question- do we have what it takes?

When Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) set up its office in Ghana over 10 years ago, the vision was simple – an unconventional approach to technology solutions, driven by an unconventional talent pool. Over a decade later and with a growing presence across the continent, the core vision has not changed. ECL has dedicated itself to creating a world where local talent and global skills are one and the same.

The company embraces students and graduates from both traditional tech and non-tech backgrounds. Their culture is obsessed with innovation, coaching, hands-on training, and research.

The real star of the show, though, is the company’s Internship Program. Like a boot camp, interns get to work alongside world-class engineers on real-life projects. As one former intern raved, “Working with ECL was a huge opportunity for me. I spent most of my time with the software and systems teams. I had the chance to get a feel of the industry.”

But that’s not all the company has to offer. For everyone else outside ECL, they also offer a range of training and have committed to partnering with leading educational institutions to allow students to get a true industry perspective of work in the technology space, like at the recently ended Ashesi University Hybrid Career Fair.

During this event, ECL provided an opportunity for students and graduates to explore potential career paths in the tech industry, network with professionals, and learn about the latest trends and developments. The company actively recruited for internships and entry-level positions, giving young people a chance to start their careers in a dynamic and exciting industry.

ECL believes that investing in young talent can help build a more innovative and dynamic tech industry that reflects the changing needs and expectations of society. So if you’re a student or graduate looking to gain industry experience, pursue a career in tech, or are just interested in the world of technology, this might be the place for you.

ECL is an ISO-certified professional services company that provides specialized technology solutions to businesses across a range of industries with a focus on 24/7 fanatical support. It offers enterprise solutions in hybrid cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, backup & recovery, and business process automation. It is currently located in Ghana and Liberia and are fast expanding globally.

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