Indian High Commissioner Call for Agricultural Partnership Under AfCFTA


Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Sugandh Rajaram, has urged for greater cooperation between India and Ghana in the area of agriculture and rural development.

The call for agricultural partnerships between India and Ghana has become increasingly important under the AfCFTA, which presents a massive opportunity for Africa to explore all the benefits of the continent.

Speaking at the AgriTech West Africa 2023 exhibition which focused on Agriculture and Technology in Ghana, Mr. Rajaram emphasized the need to prioritize agriculture as a key sector in the two countries’ relations.

He called on Indian businesses to showcase their products and expertise and to come up with new ideas to facilitate a partnership between India and Ghana. The High Commissioner encouraged both governments to support initiatives that would promote economic relations in agriculture, particularly in rural areas.

He also highlighted the role of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in expanding the continental market and called on Indian businesses to explore opportunities for local investment and value addition.

“With the support of the two governments and other institutions and organizations, the agricultural sector in Ghana and across Africa can thrive, leading to sustainable economic growth and development,” he said.

The Deputy Minister Baafi highlighted the importance of creating job opportunities for Ghana’s youth and exporting agricultural products to earn foreign exchange and boost the country’s economy. He also emphasized the need for discourse on supporting agriculture and focusing on developing the sector for long-term sustainability and success.

“The success of our country is dependent on the success of all its sectors, and agriculture is a crucial aspect of that success,” he said. “We must work together to ensure that our agricultural sector is well-equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow and to take advantage of new opportunities.”

Mr. Baafi also urged for collaboration between Ghana and India to ensure the success of the agricultural sector, highlighting the AfCFTA as a critical opportunity for the continent to explore all the benefits of agriculture.

“It is essential to focus on agriculture in this agreement, making this exhibition vital to showcase the potential of the industry,” Deputy Minister Baafi said.

The Deputy Minister’s comments align with the statement made by Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Sugandh Rajaram, who emphasized the need for partnerships between Indian and Ghanaian businesses in agriculture and rural development. He encouraged Indian businesses to showcase their products and expertise and come up with new ideas, with the support of the governments of both countries.

The exhibition served as a platform for individuals to showcase their products, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that will drive agricultural development in Ghana and across the African continent. The government pledged its full support to those who want to invest their time and effort in this field, creating job opportunities and contributing to the economy’s growth.

The organizers of the exhibition were commended for their efforts in promoting agriculture, culture, and technology, and for raising awareness of the potential of the industry. Both the High Commissioner and Deputy Minister emphasized that the success of their respective countries was dependent on the success of all sectors, and agriculture was a crucial aspect of that success.

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