TIAST Group launches financial support to boost agro-processing


TIAST Group, a manufacturer of industrial machines, has officially announced a new financial module aimed at providing swift financial support to agribusiness investors and entrepreneurs to establish agro-processing factories.

The financial leasing package aims to provide up to 80 percent of the total cost of fully automated agro-processing machines regardless of the capacity, especially cassava starch processors.

Commenting on the newly-launched financial module in Accra, the Director of Business Development – TIAST Ghana, Priscilla Fiati, said her outfit wants to boost agricultural growth and development through partnerships with agribusiness investors to increase the value.

“What we do is that if the client cannot do 100 percent, we are willing to guarantee a financial leasing of 80 percent of the total cost of the project,” she said.

She indicated that the financial support is a direct funding from China intended to boost agricultural industrialisation in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region at large.

It is also in line with the company’s vision of building 1,000 factories, creating a million jobs, and generating an annual trade value of US$10billion for the West Africa sub-region.

Ms. Fiati is upbeat that the initiative will boost agricultural development, which would translate into the creation of employment opportunities, increase in export rate, and expansion of the local market.

She added that TIAST designs and manufactures all kinds of machinery and is looking to help investors to acquire some of the latest agro-processing apparatus through a flexible financial package.

She disclosed that the company has established a ready market for processed goods like cassava starch, enabling agribusiness investors to immediately sell their goods at fair market value.

Explaining further, she said the leasing arrangement is processed quickly with flexible interest rates during the repayment period of between three to six years.

Ms. Fiati said the financial support covers a variety of services, such as the provision and installation of all processing line machinery, after-sales services, and other maintenance services required to increase the productivity of a fully automated agro-processing factory.

She called on farmers, entrepreneurs and business persons to take advantage of the financial support and build agro-processing factories across all the 16 regions to boost economic growth.


TIAST Group originates from China and is committed to adding value and promoting the worth of the agricultural industry in all African countries through industrialisation.

TIAST designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains all kinds of processing machinery for fully automated agro-processing factories. With a keen interest in agricultural development in West Africa, the group has also secured a ready market for processed products – like cassava starch – on the international market.

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